The best ad campaigns often strike some simple, primal truth within us.  Today there are two going through my mind, because I have a deadline.

No Fear 
(No Fear clothing brand)

Just do it.
(Nike shoes)

I hate tight deadlines.  I hate the pressure and the limits.  They put me in a place of fear and anger: fear that I’m not going to get done in time, fear that I won’t do my best work because time is limited, and anger that everything else in my life goes on hold until that d*** deadline gets met, leaving me feeling as though I have no life.

In my birthday essay a couple of weeks ago, I said that in the second half of my life I wanted to live true to my better self.  So, as I dragged myself kicking and screaming into consciousness this morning, I realized this: with or without the fear, I have 5 days to complete what needs to be done.

Old self: I allow the fear, and let it hamper me. 

Better self: I realize that there have been other times when I used 5 days, without fear, to accomplish as much or more than I have to do now.  And I actually like to do what has to be done (designing, writing, sewing)  If it weren’t for the deadline I’d be looking forward to it.

Fear is a choice.  Time is not.

No fear.  Just do it.


Update: So I jumped in and started.  I’m making good progress.  And, here’s the fortune from the fortune cookie that came with my dinner today: “Well begun is half done.”