tiny mapleIn the park across the street from my apartment, there is an area that was completely rebuilt and re-landscaped within the past year.  After a while, I noticed that it wasn’t being weeded, and, if things were left to go as they were headed, the landscaping would soon be completely overtaken by weeds and “volunteer” trees. 

Maybe it was the farm girl in me wanting to get my hands into some dirt.  Maybe it was the taxpayer in me that hated seeing my money going to waste.  Whatever the reason, on my morning walks with Morgan I began to clear away the weeds. 

Most days I just do as much as I can carry to the trash can in one handful.   As little as that seems, the area has remained, for the entire spring and summer, virtually free of weeds, giving the plantings a chance to get established.  It’s amazing how much you can accomplish in one handful a day.

Yesterday as I was gathering up my morning handful of weeds, I pulled up this little tree.  But as I did, something about it stopped me from throwing it on the pile — I brought it home and re-planted it.  I think it was the color of the leaves.  Here is this tiny maple tree about 4″ high with six perfect little leaves, all full-on, flaming, fall red.  Despite its youth and small size, it is already living as the mature tree it will become.

Who do I want to “grow up to be” tomorrow?  What goals do I want to accomplish?  Is there something I want to change in my life?  Though I may feel small today in comparison to who I want to be tomorrow, this little tree reminds me to live as much as I can of that “tomorrow” me today.

Just like piecing a quilt or weeding, living a little of “tomorrow” me today, I grow into “tomorrow” me — and often sooner that I expect.  It’s amazing how much you can accomplish in one handful a day.