Today I’m eating spaghetti with butter and parmesan for breakfast.  It’s actually one of my favorite breakfasts.  Now, before you say “UGH!”  think about this:

Spaghetti and toast (or for that matter, Cream of Wheat) are both forms of wheat flour

Butter is butter, whether it’s on spaghetti or toast or hot cereal

Parmesan cheese is just another form of milk

So really, we’re talking about the exact same ingredients, just in a different form.

Often, that’s what “new” designs turn out to be.  Think about it.  Can you see the Drunkard’s Path block in a New York Beauty block?  Can you see the Snail’s Trail block in a Baravelle spiral?

Next time you sit down to design a quilt, think about recombining familiar elements in a new way.  And while you’re at it, try spaghetti for breakfast.