Spiros, I’m not a big knitter (who has time?), but a couple of years ago my brother-in-law asked specifically for a pair of slippers for Christmas to replace a pair he loved that I had brought him from Uzbekistan in 2002.   He had worn them through.  Not having any more impending trips to Central Asia on the horizon (I bought them on my 3rd trip there, but that’s another story), I searched the Internet for a pattern to replace them and came up with this one.  The great thing about it is that since I live in New York and he lives in California, I could knit them and send them to him with instructions for felting: basically, throw them in the washer and dryer enough times that they shrink down to fit you.  This makes getting the size absolutely foolproof.  (I think in his case it took two rounds.)  In order to successfully felt them, you have to use an animal-hair yarn; my neighbor had given me some nice wool/cashmere blend that worked beautifully.

Cable Guy Slippers