Last night I again sat down to quilt a practice sandwich (and ended up quilting two – this can be addicting, but I don’t need to tell you that!).  I started out with the Bernina stitch regulator but tonight it seemed really stop-and-starty. 

After a few tries, I took it off and replaced it with a regular quilting foot.  The quilting went more smoothly, and I noticed that my free-motion quilting had improved.  The thought that went through my mind was that the BSR had worked like training wheels to help me get the feel of good free-motion movement.

This morning I went online to look for answers and the first thing I ran across was this post on the Bernina blog with my friend Teri Lucas.  (She quilted Easter Mandala for me.)  She had a similar experience with the BSR, and used exactly the same words to describe it: training wheels.  Eventually she (and Susan Brubaker Knapp, as you’ll see in the comments to the page) came to like it, though, so I’m not passing judgment at this point.  It’s entirely possible that there could be some “operator error” at play here!

So, I am posting these two questions on the Bernina Forum and here as well.  If anyone can shed light on this, I’m all ears.

1) I was quilting on solid black fabric.  The former pro photographer in me wonders is it possible that the camera in the BSR is not registering enough contrast without a pattern and on this dark fabric, so it couldn’t see the movement of the fabric, causing it to stop?

2) For the life of me, I can’t get the start/stop button to function with the BSR on my 640.  The instructor in my guide class had this problem also.  She finally figured out that holding the start/stop button for several seconds it would engage with the BSR on the 640 in the classroom, but my 640 at home won’t do it at all. I can’t find any help in the manuals for the machine and for the 640. 


RaNae 🙂