I’m visiting a friend over the weekend, and she has asked me to come prepared to make (and teach her how to make) french crepes.  Since I was going to have to write out the recipe anyway, I’ll share it here, where you all can enjoy it!

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When I was growing up, we always had crepes for Sunday breakfast (brunch, really) after church.  Being a large family (6 kids in total), we tossed an entire dozen eggs and a quart of milk into the Kitchenaid.  We all knew the recipe by heart, and learned to cook them at a really young age — that will tell you how easy they are to make.  Usually we just rolled them up with butter and maple syrup or jam, but over time we developed more fillings and toppings.  Whatever you serve in them, they are a delicious, fun and sophisticated way to make a meal or dessert or both.  (And, they freeze well.)  Enjoy!

French Crepes

These measurements will make about 2-3 dozen 10″- 12″ crepes. 
Use the measurements in [brackets] for a smaller batch.

1 quart milk [2 cups]
12 eggs [6]
3 cups flour [1-1/2 cups]
1/3 cup oil [2-1/2 Tablespoons]
1 teaspoon salt [1/2 teaspoon]

Fillings (choose any of these or make up your own)

Sweet: Nutella, Bananas, Yoghurt, Fruit, Jam, Maple Syrup

Savory: Chicken or Turkey & Broccoli with bechamel sauce & parmesan cheese, Ham & cheese, any leftovers

In a large bowl, beat the eggs just until evenly blended.  Gradually mix milk into the flour (this prevents lumps from forming), then gradually blend the flour/milk mixture into the eggs.  Stir in the oil and salt.

Heat a frying pan of whatever size you want the crepes to be.  Brush with oil and heat until a drop of water dances across the surface of the pan.   Reduce heat to medium.  Pour about 1/3 cup (for a large frying pan) batter into the pan and roll the pan around to spread it thinly across the bottom of the pan.  (The layer of batter should be less than 1/8″ thick; adjust the quantity of batter accordingly.)  Cook until the top of the batter is no longer shiny, then carefully flip the crepe over and cook it for about another minute on the other side.  (Usually the first crepe you make will get shredded when you try to do this — Morgan, my dog, always waited for it!  The first crepe “seasons” the pan.  After this you will not need to oil the pan again, and you’ll have the right heat.)

Serve rolled or folded with your choice of fillings and/or toppings, or build a “layer cake” by stacking them with layers of filling in between.

To freeze:
If you’re freezing them flat, put a layer of plastic wrap between each crepe.  Or, roll individual crepes and separate them with plastic wrap.  Depending on what you fill them with, you might be able to freeze them filled — convenient if you want a quick, no-prep meal or dessert.