Spiros, this quilt is not a spiral in any way, in fact, it’s not even my pattern, but I have to share it for several reasons — one of which is an invitation (look at the end of this post).

Peacock PowerI named this quilt Peacock Power and it is for my niece Katelynn.  I hadn’t made a quilt for her since she was born, so it was time for a grown-up quilt.  This is her going-away-to-college quilt, and I gave it to her on her 20th birthday.

When Katelynn came to NYC in the summer of 2011 for her high school graduation trip, we bought matching crystal-covered peacock rings, and our motto became “Peacock Power!”  Timeless Treasures introduced this line of fabrics (Plume) at the Fall of 2011 Quilt Market; this quilt — designed by Swirly Girls — was their show quilt for it.  I loved the peacock panel in the middle fabric, and the pinwheel and solid blocks around it did a simple yet beautiful job of expanding the floral background.  Both the fabric and the pattern were perfect:    beautiful, quick and easy to make, and elegant — and Katelynn is nothing if not elegant.

I made the quilt exactly as in the pattern — even the exact fabrics — except that when I discovered that there was a border print in the line, I had to add it.

Peacock Power detail 1Peacock Power detail 2When I did my 2012 free quilting and needlework workshop at Fire Island the week before Memorial Day, I took the fabrics along with me to cut and begin piecing by hand.  I came home and finished the top by machine over Memorial Day weekend.  Then, through the fall of 2012 I quilted it on a Bernina 830. The quilting is pretty intense — 1/4″ (or less) bubbles between flowers, interlocking circles on open black areas, all the flowers and peacocks outlined in gold silk thread — but it was worth it. I expect this quilt to be in the family for generations to come.

Now, here’s the invitation part: I’m doing another free quilting and needlework workshop at Fire Island again this year, May 21-23, 2013.  Click here for all the details and registration info. (If necessary, you can cut-and-paste this URL into your address bar: http://ranaemerrillquilts.com/teaching/231. And yes, that’s free as in no charge, not free as in free-motion.)