Giant CauliflowerThe other day I bought the second-largest cauliflower I have ever seen – it weighs 6-1/2 pounds.  Now, some of you might recall that a while ago I bought the largest cauliflower I had ever seen — that monster weighed 8 pounds.  I just looked back on this blog to see when I bought it and discovered is was three years ago!  Where has the time gone?

If you look back at those posts from three years ago, you will discover that I only made it about 1-1/2 pounds of the way through that cauliflower before I had to give up and leave on a trip.  Maybe that’s a good thing.  I might have actually turned into a cauliflower if I had eaten that much cauliflower in one week.  What a loss that would have been to the quilting world . . . . (phsaw!)  Here are those posts if you are interested:

Anyway, according to my calculations, this 6-1/2 pound baby is just the weight of the remainder of that first one, so I figure it’s as good an excuse as any to pick up where I left off.  So, the next few posts on this blog will feature cauliflower recipes, and hopefully I’ll figure out some way to tie this to quilting.

(BTW, has anyone been watching Master Chef Junior?  Those kids are amazing.  I wonder what they would do if their challenge was to use up an 8-pound cauliflower?)

I think I’ll start with this one.  I like that it is lighter than most of the cauliflower soup recipes I read, and, more importantly, I’m intrigued by the additional flavors of the chive olive oil and the fried capers.  I do love capers.  Stay tuned for results and reviews!

Spiromaniac Maureen Pinwill shared on my FB page this link to cauliflower recipes from The Guardian (a London newspaper, I think).  Each one sounds AMAZING, so I think I’ll be cooking a LOT of cauliflower this winter.  Looks like I’ll be needing a few more of those giant white vegies!

Word version: The 10 best cauliflower recipes