Baravelle Spirals





When my first book, Simply Amazing Spiral Quilts, came out, I worked with Joan Hawley of Lazy Girl Designs on a joint project. We started with Joan’s Miranda Bag pattern, but rather than using plain fabric for the front, I made two Baravelle spiral blocks to use instead. I sent the blocks to Joan and she sewed up two bags, one for me, one for her.

This week Joan is featuring her Spiral Miranda Bag on her blog.” And I’ve decided to  . . .

. . . Give away my Spiral Miranda Bag!

Enter for your chance to win the one of two great prizes by clicking

1st Prize
My original Spiral Miranda Bag — one of only two
that Joan Hawley and I made together (shown above).

2nd Prize
Joan’s Miranda Bag pattern and one of her specially-designed
Bag-e-Bottoms to go in the bottom.

To enter the drawing, click

Good Luck!

(And P.S., yes, I’m creating a spiral supplement
to go with Joan’s pattern for the Miranda bag)

Today I’m eating spaghetti with butter and parmesan for breakfast.  It’s actually one of my favorite breakfasts.  Now, before you say “UGH!”  think about this:

Spaghetti and toast (or for that matter, Cream of Wheat) are both forms of wheat flour

Butter is butter, whether it’s on spaghetti or toast or hot cereal

Parmesan cheese is just another form of milk

So really, we’re talking about the exact same ingredients, just in a different form.

Often, that’s what “new” designs turn out to be.  Think about it.  Can you see the Drunkard’s Path block in a New York Beauty block?  Can you see the Snail’s Trail block in a Baravelle spiral?

Next time you sit down to design a quilt, think about recombining familiar elements in a new way.  And while you’re at it, try spaghetti for breakfast.

Good morning Spiros! 

I’m back at home in NYC after a successful photo shoot for the new book last week.  One BIG step closer to finishing it!  Here’s a sneak preview at one of the spirals for one of the projects.  I’ve had these fabrics for a while, looking for the right project and finally this is it!

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