Student Quilts

Betsy Vinegrad modern spiral 2015 QuiltCon

Betsy V. sent me a photo of this quilt back in Janury — it’s one single giant spiral and it got accepted into QuiltCon.  Congratulations, Betsy!

Here’s what Betsy wrote to me about it:

My aha moment came during your Empire Quilters lecture in June, flipping through the reprint of your 1st book and seeing the quilt you made for your friend. [City Tears to Country Smiles]

When we talked about it at Quilters Take Manhattan, you suggested drafting it on butcher paper and then tracing it on Pellon. However, I had already drafted in EQ (the day after the June empire meeting) and I’m too disorganized to have a big enough space to draft something so big! So, I printed 35 sheets of EQ printables and sewed them together. After each round, I ripped out the foundation. It started out as a 50″ square. After quilting it was trimmed it to 44 x 39. The green and coral sections were foundation pieced separately, 1/2 white, 1/2 color. I’m pretty happy with it.

Nice work, Betsy!

Carolyn Penna, a former student, just sent me a photo of the quilt she started in one of my classes. How cool is this? Beautiful gradations, fantastic use of value to in a single-color quilt to show the design structure. Great work Carolyn!