This blog is the online supplement to my first book, Simply Amazing Spiral Quilts.  While I was writing the book I had a wonderful group of quilters who tried out the instructions and made quilts for the book.  This blog was our “laboratory” and the discussions we had as they developed their designs can be found here.

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Ruth Leidy started this quilt in my class at Quilt Festival in Houston last fall. What fun to see it finished during my visit to Oklahoma City this week! Look at the detail photo to see the embroidery she added to embellish it. Nice work, Ruth!





Today I thought of an Advent calendar, how you open one window each day to discover what’s inside. Well, what if instead of a window, I open one box or drawer or closet door in my house each day and bring into the present whatever is inside? This can mean organizing it, or getting rid of things I don’t need any more (donating, gifting, recycling, discarding).

By taking one drawer or closet or box each day, I go through pretty much the whole apartment in a month, breaking the task down into manageable-sized tasks (let’s say 1 hour, but no more than 2). It’s 25 days until December 21st, the day I leave to go on my Christmas ski trip. So, today I’m making a list of places I’m going to clean out, and will do one.

Who’s with me?

I love getting photos from former students who want to share their adventures. Today’s photo is from Elaine Toxey. She writes:

I am making four 36″ blocks for a king size quilt. Thanks for the class. Elaine Toxey

Look at those gorgeous feathered spokes! Beautiful work, Elaine!  —RaNae 🙂

Spiros, if you’re thinking about taking the Spirals 203: Magnificent Spiral Mandala Quilts, look at this a photo from the last session of the mandala made by Jane Cousins.  You can do something just as beautiful — really!

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See you in class!

RaNae 🙂

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