This page holds photographs of all the spiral quilts made for Simply Amazing Spiral Quilts.
To see how each quilt developed from concept to finish, 
look at that quilter’s Work-in-Progress page.  

To all my wonderful Spiromaniacs — Thank you!


All quilt designs on this site are copyrighted by the maker and may not be copied or reproduced (quilts or images) in any way (including sewing a copy of the quilt) without the written permission of the copyright holder.


Ellen’s Star Rising
Designed, pieced and quilted by
Barbara Baker, Meadowbrook, CA
84″ x 84″


Foothill Quilt Show, April 2010, First Place Member’s Choice and Honorable Mention Viewers Choice

Pioneer Quilt Guild Quilt Show, Rocklin, CA, November 2010, First Place Viewers Choice and First Place Members Choice

Barbara used Moda Ombre fabrics, which have a gradual shift in value across the 44″ width of fabric.  By cutting the triangles for each spoke across this width, she was able to achieve very gradual shifts in value in her spirals, creating the soft, glowing effect in her design.  (For more details, go to Barbara’s Work-in-Progress page.)


Tree Canopy
Designed, sewn and quilted by
Marian Murdoch, Sedbury, Wales
approx. 15″ x 12″

Marian took her inspiration from a canopy of trees over a road in Wales.  (For more details, go to Marian’s Work-in-Progress page.) 


Designed, sewn, embellished and quilted by
Kelly Hendrickson, Rogers, MI
32″ x 36″


Kelly used a 7-sided Nesting spiral to represent the seven days of creation.  The first day is the orange to black – separating day and night. The earth suspended in the center is done with silk needle-pull. (The rest of the days and more details are on her Work-in-Progress page.)

Kelly: This technique worked out so GREAT for this quilt!!! Thank you thank you!!!


Prairie Breezes
Designed by RaNae Merrill
Pieced and quilted by Mary Farr, Gilford, NH
and Caroline Anstey, Winnisquam, NH
52″ x 52″

(For details, go to Mary & Caroline’s Work-In-Progress page.)


Starry Night
Designed and pieced by Jamie McClenaghan, Fairfield, CA
Quilted by Gwen Baggett, Clinton, IN
46″ x 46″

(For details, go to Jamie’s Work-In-Progress page #2.)

Pacific International Quilt Festival, October 2008 (Juried show)
(Jamie’s other spiral quilt, Photo Op?! was also juried into PIQF)


Ours Will Still Be Hot
Designed, pieced and quilted by
Mary Ann Olmstead, Beloit, WI
37-1/2″ x 26″

(For details, visit Mary Ann’s Work-in-Progress page.) 


Purple Spiral #1 (Down the Drain)
Designed, pieced and quilted by
Valerie Yeaton, Oakland, CA
27″ x 27″


The center is an 8 pointed shape and I used 1″ increments. There are 20 rounds.  There are 8 outside triangles, four sets of two that mirror image. I decided to match one edge of the triangle units with the outside purple of the center square. This eliminated the square look of the center unit. This discovery gave me an entirely new way to approach borders in general.  (For more details, go to Valerie’s Work-in-Progress page.)


Do You See….?
Designed, pieced and appliqued by
Kathy Oppelt, Lawrenceville, GA
Quilted by Peggy Barkle, Lilburn, GA
32″ x 43″


Kathy’s spirals are in the moon and in the snowflakes — tiny assemblages of 5- and 6-sided spirals.  (She loves working in miniature!) All four different types of spirals appear somewhere in the three snowflakes.  I’ve included one here to show the detail.  (For more details, go to Kathy’s Work-In-Progress page.)

Georgia Juried Quilt Show, October 2008


Bev, Barb & A Bottle of Wine
Designed, pieced, appliqued and quilted by
Bev Anderson, Lowell, MI and
Barb Porter, Lowell, MI
84″ x 84″

Bev and Barb made a sampler quilt of all the ways they could think of to color square spirals.  They both like wine quite a bit (look at their WIP page and read the label!), so the center is appliqued with bunches of grapes and grape leaves.  (For more details, go to Bev’s & Barb’s Work-In-Progress page.)


Plum Crazy
Designed and pieced by Lois Hicks, Kemmerer, WY
Quilted by Lorinda Graham, Evanston, WY
40″ x 40″

“Plum Crazy” not only describes this quilt, but Lois’ life for the past year-and-a-half since she started it as a participant in Spiromaniacs I.  Lois, thanks for hanging in there and finishing it — it was worth waiting for!   (For more details, go to Lois’ Work-In-Progress page.)


Summer Wind Table Runner
Designed by Charlotte Hill
Sewn by Charlotte Hill & Sheila Piasecki
Quilted by Sheila Piasecki
33″ x 12″

Charlotte started this but was unable to finish due to injuries.  Sheila — who knows Charlotte from an online quilt guild — offered to finish it for her.  Isn’t the Internet fun?!    (For more details, go to Sheila’s Work-In-Progress page.)


Tannenbaum Twist
Designed, sewn and quilted by
Beth Bigler, Lancaster, PA
44″ x 44″


 (For more details, go to Beth’s Work-In-Progress page.) 


It’s My Bag
Designed & sewn by Beth Bigler, Lancaster, PA
From a pattern by Joan Hawley, Lazy Girl Designs

(For more details, go to Barbara’s Work-In-Progress page.) 


Jade Crystals
Designed & quilted by Sheila Mote, Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Sewn by Sheila Mote and Susan Lock, Calgary, Alberta, Canada
40″ x 40″

This project was a huge challenge but I am very proud with the results of Susan’s and mine.  Also thank you for your encouraging words and letting us participate in your challenge.   (For more details, go to Sheila’s Work-In-Progress page.)


Whirlpool Galaxy: A Glorious Creation
Designed, sewn and quilted by
Becky Bozic, Morgantown, WV
33″ x 38″

Baravelle Spirals hand appliqued. Spirals are machine quilted with clear thread. Background is hand quilted with black cotton thread. Glitter added for sparkle.  (For more details, go to Becky’s Work-in-Progress page.)


In Memory of Marja
Designed, pieced and quilted by
Fee Bricknell, Manado, North Sulawesi, Indonesia
44-1/2″ x 38″

From Fee:  Let me tell you, adding those spirals made such a difference in the movement of the quilt. Every time I placed them in a different place I totally changed the look of the picture. Even turning them so that the colours were lying in a different place gave extra options. That was fun!  (For more detail, go to Fee’s Work-in-Progress page)


Designed, pieced and quilted by
Crystal Marie, Weaverville, CA
13″ x 15″

Crystal final flower

From Crystal: This has been a great process and I’m very pleased to have been included. I decided early on that I wanted to make spirals in miniature. I’m really pleased with the final result and plan to do more spiral quilts.   (For more details, go to Crystal’s Work-In-Progress page.)


Northern Stars
Designed & pieced by Susan Lock, Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Quilted by Sheila Mote, Calgary, Alberta, Canada
45″ x 45″

Not only was this Susan’s first spiral quilt, it was also her first attempt at designing a quilt and first attempt at working in EQ.  Triple good work, Susan!  The openness of the design is a result of using only one ring of triangles in the light colored blocks,  while using 5 or 6 rings of triangles in the filled-in spiral blocks.  It’s an effective variation that no one else so far had thought of.  See — even newbies can do something original!  So I guess that’s quadruple good work, Susan.  You really outdid yourself!  (For more details, go to Susan’s Work-In-Progress page.)


Ribbons of Life
Designed and pieced by Sandy Weber, Alanson, MI
Quilted by John Liddicoat
70″ x 70″

From Sandy: I kept to three colors . . . Burgundy, Green, and Gold. I used a deep, almost black Brown for the centers and borders (the Amish originally used dark brown instead of black). I love how it came out and can’t wait to display it on the wall in my home — we live in a log cabin with log walls in the great room…this quilt should really stand out in that room.  (For more details, go to Sandy’s Work-in-Progress page.)


Dark Star / Spiral of Life
Designed by RaNae Merrill
Colors, piecing and quilting by 
Barb Jones, Norristown, PA
34″ x 36″


From Barbara: I must say I am so excited I finished it — I put my heart and soul into it not to mention many hours of work!  (For more details, go to Barbara’s Work-In-Progress page.)

3rd place, local guild challenge, Summer 2008
3rd premium place, Kimberton Fair (Pensylvania), August 2008
National Quilt Association show, Ohio, Summer 2008 (Juried show)


Designed by RaNae Merrill
Pieced by Rhonda Adams, Alexandria, VA and
Kathy Edwards, Alexandria, VA
Quilted by Gwen Baggett, Clinton, IN
43-1/2″ x 43-1/2″

This was supposed to be on the cover of the book, but with so much gold in it, it didn’t photograph well…..  Rhonda and Kathy pieced it in a week and Gwen quilted it in two days!  Synergy refers to many things, not the least of which is that four women who have never even met have been able to work together to make this miracle happen.  THANK YOU ladies! 

Quilters Unlimited, Alexandria, Virginia, June 2008


Spiro Pony from Texas
Designed and sewn by Roxanne Bowling, Dumas, TX
and Helen King, Dumas, TX
Quilted by Helen King
47″ x 43-1/2″

(For more details, go to Roxanne and Helen’s Work-In-Progress page.)


Spiralling Roses On My Table
Designed by RaNae Merrill & Emma Krenek
Pieced and quilted by Emma Krenek
61-1/2″ x 25″

I am done! It has been an adventure and I have truly enjoyed exploring this technique.  (For more details, go to Emma’s Work-in-Progress page.)


Flying Tumbleweeds
Designed and machine paper pieced by
Joan Garland, Braselton, GA
Machine quilted (Gammill longarm) by
Peggy Barkle, Lilburn, GA
72″ x 88″

I used EQ6 to design the quilt.  Each block is 12″ finished.  The blocks include nesting spirals, a variation of Drunkard’s Path and a 7″ fan border.  (For more details, go to Joan’s Work-in-Progress page.)

I am so pleased with the finished quilt. It certainly was a challenge for me and I’m so glad I took it. It has given me the courage to try designing more quilts and maybe even enter my quilts in some shows.  I am very grateful that you invited me to work on this project.

Georgia Juried Quilt Show, October 2008


Crop Circles: How’d They Do That?
Designed, pieced, appliqued and quilted by
Robin Armstead, Copperas Cove, TX
72″ x 95″

Robin’s quilt was inspired by a photograph of crop circles by Lucy Pringle (check out her website –’s amazing).  (For more details, go to Robin’s Work-in-Progress page.)


Roses Are My Best Friends
Designed, pieced and quilted
by Sandra Mettler, Buerglen, Switzerland
41″ x 12-1/2″

(For details, go to Sandra’s Work-in-Progress page.) 


Midsummer and Midwinter
Designed, machine pieced and appliquéd
by Devi Lanphere, Antioch, CA
Machine quilted by Gwen Baggett, Clinton, IN
Each 42″ x 56″

 Devi Midsummer quilted

 Devi Midwinter quilted

From Devi: Wow – this was a wonderful opportunity and a definite stretch for my ability. This is the first quilt I have designed and sewn. I was inspired by my trips to Stonehenge and Newgrange and find it interesting that I am completing them as we have a lunar eclipse! I am also fascinated with Celtic knot work and the spirals led me down that path.  Both quilts have a large center using the point to point spiral and then a ring of small triangles. The moon uses Baravelle spirals and the sun has nesting spirals combined with “ray” inserts to make the triangle block fit the trapezoid shape.  (For more on Devi’s quilts, go to her Work-In-Progress page.)

Denver National Quilt Show, Summer 2008 (Juried show)
Pacific International Quilt Festival, October 2008 (Juried Show)


Splish Splash Spirals
Designed, machine pieced and machine quilted
by Muriel Roberts, Sheffield, U.K.
54″ x 54″

Designed using 8″ and 6″ off-set nesting spirals. Background made from 8″ nesting spirals with just one or two triangles in each coloured yellow to give the “splash” effect. Colouring designed to show ring and spoke variation. Mitred border. Quilted with variegated thread in spiral design.

I found this a challenging but very exciting project. I longed to go on trying different spirals. The technique is valuable and will be an inspiration for future projects.  (For more details, go to Muriel’s Work-in-Progress page.)


Spiral of Life
Designed, pieced and quilted by
Susanne Schmid, Oberbussnang, Switzerland
43″ x 43″

(For more details, go to Susanne’ Work-in-Progress page.) 


Designed, machine pieced, hand appliqued & quilted by
Mary Reddington, Springfield, VA
45″ x 45″

Type of spiral: all nesting spirals, stitched on Pellon-like foundation sheets purchased at JoAnn’s.  Spiral Shapes: Eight pentagons around edge with each containing 9 graded fabrics in each of the five colors of the spiral with a fussy-cut tropical fish in each center; 8 triangles between pentagons also with fussy-cut fish. Each point of the 8-point star was done in two half diamonds then sewn lengthwise. The corners are each two points of the 8-point star. 

What I’d like to share about the process…
It was daunting, mind bending, painful in the design process but the result is exhilarating, a confidence booster, a not-to-miss challenging experience. The support everyone has given to each other has been invaluable. I am so glad to have had this experience. RaNae, this has been awesome! It’s hard to even begin how to say thank you to you for this adventure.   (For more details, go to Mary’s Work-in-Progress page.)

Quilters Unlimited, Alexandria Virginia, June 2008


Vroom! Vroom!
Designed, pieced and quilted by
Vicki Herrman, Knoxville, IA
40″ x 30″

It is a single dodecagon (12 sided) that is elongated. I used a point to point spiral with 8 rounds, plus another on the outside of the figure to make it a rectangle.  I know that my quilt doesn’t have the WOW factor that the others do, but anyone who knows my usual quilting comfort zone won’t be able to believe that I did this. (I’m just getting used to the idea.) I am so proud of myself, and I thank you for that.  Vicki  (For more details, go to Vicki’s Work-in-Progress page.)


Designed, pieced & quilted by    
Julie Willis, Mesic, NC
26″ x 26″


Nesting spiral triangles and octagon.  Machine quilted on regular home sewing machine.  Commercially printed fabrics and overdyed commercially printed fabrics.  Foundation pieced on medium weight nonfusible interfacing.  (For more details, go to Julie’s Work-in-Progress page.)


Designed, pieced & quilted by
Julie Willis, Mesic, NC
28″ x 28″

Square nesting spirals.  Printed fabric in the individual triangles blends together to create a solid fan.  (For more details, go to Julie’s Work-in-Progress page.)


Majestic Mandalai-A Personal Journey
Designed, pieced and hand appliquéd by
Rhonda Adams, Alexandria, VA
Machine quilted by Diane Anderson, Tomball, TX
47-1/2″ x 47-1/2″

(For details, go to Rhonda’s Work-in-Progress page.) 

Best in Show and Blue Ribbon, 18th Annual Southern Maryland Quilt & Needlework Show at Sotterley Plantation, May 2008
Best Machine Workmanship, Pennsylvania Quilt Extravaganza, September 2008
3rd place, Small Wall Quilts, Georgia Juried Quilt Show, October 2008


Brightly Churned
Designed, machine pieced, machine-quilted (APQS Millenium) by
Jill Kerekes, Flemington, NJ
41″ x 41″

There are 12 four sided spirals and 16 three sided spirals in this quilt. All of the 3 sided spirals are pinwheel spirals and the inner 8 four sided spirals are a combination of pinwheel and nested spirals. Batting: Quilter’s Dream PolyQuilting   Thread: Isacord.  (For more details, go to Jill’s Work-in-Progress page.)


Peeking Spirals
Designed, pieced and quilted by
Betty Donahue, Talladega, AL
28″ x 28″


(For details, go to Betty’s Work-in-Progress page.) 


My Bloomin’ Spiral
Designed, machine pieced, machine-appliqued, hand-appliqued
and quilted by Linda Cooper, Burke, VA
40″ x 45″

I designed a 14-sided Baravelle spiral as a square in EQ6, then set it in a rectangular layout to create the oval spiral.  I printed it out on wash-away paper in a 32″ x 37″ size.  I glued the paper patterns together with Roxanne’s glue and cut away the inside of the spiral for sewing ease.  Starting from the inside, in each ring I sewed all the black background pieces first, then followed with the color triangles.
The flowers and leaves were cut from printed fabrics and I broderie perse machine appliqued them in place.  I found a wonderful background print with spirals and I machine quilted outside the spiral from the back side of the quilt.  (For more details, go to Linda’s Work-in-Progress page.)

Quilters Unlimited, Alexandria, Virginia, June 2008


Enjoy the Journey
Designed and pieced by Micki Wiersma, Raleigh, NC
Quilted by Diane Anderson, Tomball, TX
36″ x 36″

This wallhanging was designed using EQ6 and includes nine 8″ x 8″ blocks with octagonal baravelle shapes, completed in primary colors on a black background to give the effect of spiral and non-spiral designs. The blocks are surrounded by black sashing strips, separated by primary-colored cornerstones. The border is comprised of four corner blocks and four “stretched” blocks to convey a sense of motion in a modern-art setting.  Small triangular crystal beads embellish the surface, in the same primary colors, to give the effect of “shards” shooting into the black space amongst the blocks.

The backing is comprised of four quarter segments – one of each of the four primary colors – and the hanging pocket is made to blend into the top two colored fabrics.  The background is Amish Black fabric – a true black.  (For more details, go to Micki’s Work-in-Progress page.)

Honorable Mention, North Carolina State Fair, October 2008


Over the Rainbow
Designed and pieced by Micki Wiersma, Raleigh, NC
Quilted by Diane Anderson, Tomball, TX
70″ x 20″

This table runner was designed using EQ6 and includes five 8″ x 8″ blocks with octagonal baravelle spirals, on point, completed in a rainbow of colors on a white background to showcase various spiral effects. The first block uses 24 different fabrics in three shades of each of 8 colors. Other blocks are comprised of as few as 8 fabrics of a single shade of each color and illustrate various degrees of color intensity. All fabrics are 100% cotton hand-dyes or batiks.  The blocks are surrounded by white half-triangles.

The border is comprised of four corner blocks and four lengths, all of which were fussy-cut from a specific fabric chosen for its spiral designs in the rainbow colors showcased in the blocks. Half-inch white “window pane” sashing surrounds the border pieces and white binding will complete the “frame” for the table runner.  (For more details, go to Micki’s Work-in-Progress page.)

First Place, North Carolina State Fair, October 2008


Mesclun Mixed
Designed, pieced & quilted by
Gail Wiebe, Carberry, Manitoba, Canada
25-1/2″ x 25-1/2″


(For details, go to Gail’s Work-in-Progress page.)


Untitled (Red, White & Black)
Designed, pieced & quilted by
Gail Wiebe, Carberry, Manitoba, Canada
14-1/2″ x 31-1/2″


(For details, go to Gail’s Work-in-Progress page.)


Not My Dad’s Bow Ties!
Designed, pieced and machine quilted
by Kathy Edwards, Alexandria, VA
26″ x 26″

Machine foundation pieced using “Foundation Stuff.” Point to Point and Pinwheel Spirals.  Wool batting. 

This amazing journey from concept, design, color selection and placement to sewing and quilting design to finished product was a very rewarding experience. I hand drew the design and then pencil shaded the triangles of the spirals. It was then much easier to find a color combination that worked. I found working with others doing the same project was useful to bounce ideas off of and to get their constructive criticism and words of encouragement when I needed it. Don’t ever doubt that you can do something, you can do it! Thanks for the journey, RaNae. Kathy  (For more details, go to Kathy’s Work-in-Progress page.)

This quilt won a second place ribbon at the Prince William County (Virginia) Fair. Congratulations Kathy!

Quilters Unlimited, Alexandria, Virginia, June 2008
Honorable Mention, 18th Annual Southern Maryland Quilt & Needlework Show at Sotterley Plantation, May 2008


Goodness Gracious, Great Ball of Fire!
Designed, pieced and quilted by
Evelyn Larrison, DeForest, WI
52″ x 52″

From Evelyn:  I designed the block then dropped in into a EQ6 quilt layout. For quilting I chose to use a copper metallic thread and a spiral quilting stitch for the over all quilting in the black. When all quilting was done I used over 1000 fire opal crystals to give sparkle to the quilt.   (For more detail, see Evelyn’s Work-in-Progress page.)

I hardly ever make a quilt twice, but I have another “spiral” quilt I think I will try as soon as I get caught up with all the things neglected while completing this project. I hope the book is published as soon as possible – it’s hard keeping a secret!


26 Responses to “Spiral Quilts from SASQ

  1. ksoppelt Says:

    thanks for creating the page RaNae – they all are absolutely fantastic!!!

  2. bettydonahue Says:

    Every one has done such a great job.

  3. quilterk Says:

    They’re all beautiful, nice job!
    Kathy E.

  4. sewbig Says:

    Wow! Each one is so unique and shows the wide variety of possibilities for spirals. Great job everyone.

  5. mcif Says:

    The variety is amazing! All are beautiful! Especially like Micki’s mod setting. Mary F.

  6. purplepassion Says:

    Great idea to have this page and these quilts are fabulous! Looking forward to seeing even more. Wonderful diversity – thanks RaNae for making Spiromaniacs out of all of us!

  7. crystal Says:

    Thanks for putting all the finished quilts in one place, RaNae – they are just beautiful! Good job everyone! Can’t wait to see the rest.

  8. Micki Says:

    What a stunning array of unique designs. RaNae you have a very versatile technique developed!

  9. vickih Says:

    WOW!! I’m in awe. I think I’m glad that mine is basted and ready to machine quilt. Otherwise I’d be intimidated. Each one is so unique.

  10. ksoppelt Says:

    Rhonda – what a cool way to do your background! I need to learn to think outside the box more often! Kathy O

  11. murielcrow Says:

    Wonderful quilts. I am intimidated – but I am nearly there with mine so there is no turning back now.

  12. opalin Says:

    Wow I’m really impressed! Such wonderfull things you all made! Everyday I wonder, what’s coming next…. and I hope, I am ready with my quilt, soon.
    from switzerland

  13. joaninga Says:

    There’s some wonderful quilts here, I love the designs you’ve all come up with.

  14. murielcrow Says:

    Yes Ranae
    Both the gold and the green radiant 11 fabrics appear in the spirals. I love them so now I just have to plan something around the purple and blue fabrics.

  15. devi7 Says:

    WOW – i am in awe of the designs. Absoultely honored to be part of the group.

  16. yogib2 Says:

    You gotta love a deadline! The closer it, gets the more fascinating the TaDA page. Way to go ladies (and gents).


  17. lindacooper Says:

    Wow! I’ve been out of spiral reach for a couple of weeks. What amazing progress and what wonderful finished quilts!

  18. devi7 Says:

    I continue to be amazed – The crop circles fascinated me as well so I am glad someone did them!

  19. barbj Says:

    WOW ! They are all great. I must say I am glad I am finished, I could have gone on and on trying more color combos. Great job and well done to all.

  20. Micki Says:

    The ingenuity and originality of our Spiromaniacs, as well as the versatility and usability of the technic is truly evident in these many lovely projects.

  21. evelynrn Says:

    All of the quilts are wonderful. It will be difficult waiting for the book to come out.

    I have lots of ideas now for others things I would like to try.

    This has been a very delightful experience.

  22. quiltfee Says:

    Fellow Spiromaniacs – All the quilts are so beautiful, but also so different. Seeing so many quilts on the same subject is such a learning experience for me. Your quilts taught me to look at patterns not only in my way, but also your way and I am sure my next quilts will be more interesting for it.RaNae, it is only now that I realize what a great opportunity you have given me by letting me participate.

    Thank you all.


  23. opalin Says:

    Whooooow! A few days not beeing here and look! Wow I am so impressed, almost speachless (and that’s rare, be sure! ((-; ) One is better than the other, I love them all. Making such a quilt from the beginning to the end, from designing to quilting, choosing fabrics and and and was a great challenge. Thank you RaNae, I learned a lot from you!

  24. Becky Ezra Says:

    what an
    a 3D inspiration and aspiration, good for you and for all of us!!!

  25. Susan Harmon Says:

    I love seeing everyone’s quilts. There is so much talent on one page.

    Susan H

  26. Wow any chance I will be able to make anything as beautiful as these beautiful designs one day. They are all fantastic. What a lot of hard work and dedication.

    Maureen in Jersey, UK

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