In my online and in-person classes, we explore different types of spirals — how to draw them, sew them, color them and combine them for a variety of effects.  Even after all the time I’ve taught spiral quilt design, my students still surprise me.  Below is a gallery of spirals and spiral quilts that my students have made.  I hope you find them inspiring!   (Click on the images to see a larger view, then use the “Back” button on your the bar at the top of the page to return to this page.)

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Nesting Spirals

Beckie Belsaas

Dixie McClain

Virginia Smith

Pam Hamilton


Baravelle Spirals

Cathy Barrow:
cathy b-fantasy-flower

Dixie McClain


Pam Hamilton

Virginia Smith


Point-to-Point Spirals

Cheryl Miller
cheryl PTP cheryl-m-fractured-1

Pam Hamilton
pam-hamilton-ptpb  pam-hamilton-ptpa

Pam Clark

Virginia Smith
Ginny Smith PTP

Dixie McClain (experimenting with changing directions)
Dixie M Color_Wheel_(14)  Dixie M Color Wheels in Space


Pinwheel Spirals

Cathy Barrow used a Pinwheel spiral changing direction to create the scene of stream and trees, then embroidered a covered bridge in the woods for the center.
Cathy Barrow Meandering stream pinwheel spiral_300 pxl


Pam Clark
Pam C PW Spiral



One Response to “Student Gallery”

  1. Louise Ludecke Says:

    Beautiful colors and designs emerge from the same patter with a different approach to the colors used.

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