Each of these pages is a project journal — they show each quilter’s journey from exploring concepts to finishing their spiral quilt.  (All the finished quilts are also shown together on the Spiral Quilts from SASQ page.) 

None of these quilters had ever seen or made a spiral quilt before.  Some had never designed any kind of quilt before.   Some are very experienced quilters, some are new quilters.  Some used Electric Quilt software, some drew by hand.  Each accepted my invitation to a “Quilting Adventure” without knowing what lay ahead.  Every one of them stretched and grew as they explored and became familiar with new techniques.  The results speak for themselves. 

I am so grateful to each of these women who shared their inspiration, time, talents and efforts.  To all my wonderful “Spiromaniacs”: YOU are Simply Amazing!

I hope these pages will inspire and encourage you as you begin to create your own Simply Amazing Spiral Quilt — and welcome to Spiromania!



All quilt designs on this site are copyrighted by the maker and may not be copied or reproduced (quilts or images) in any way without the written permission of the copyright holder.

2 Responses to “Work-In-Progress Pages: SASQ

  1. jillkerekes Says:


    Sorry for filling your inbox tonight–I think I need to go to bed! I sent you three pictures. Two are of the designs that I tried to explain to you and didn’t do a good job explaining. I pirated the half square triangle that you created and drew the octagon spiral and the square spirals in EQ6. I’m not sure how to make the lines look skinny and smooth….

    The “Mexican Sun Inspired” design doesn’t look like a sun at all–but takes the basic shape of a sun. The red/white/and blue mockup is coming out pretty cool. I probably won’t use the exact triangle spirals in the design–for scaling purposes I think the the flow from the octagon spokes would be less fluid if the triangle spiral triangles are so small. I’m doing the mockup to practice and learn–if you like it for the book, great. If not, I just like it and will eventually finish it for me!

    The AfricanOhioStar was the second design that I tried to describe. I’m not sure if I’d use quite so many rings on the triangle spirals and the square spirals. The African fabrics that I’m thinking of using have many interesting prints and I’d have to do a little experimentation to see if the prints look better in larger triangles. This design has lots of space to fill in with either fun quilting or some traditional piecing.

    Jill Kerekes

  2. purplepassion Says:

    If you get a design using african fabrics, I’m going to be Very, very interested in seeing it!! I Love African fabrics!!
    Hugs, Jamie

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