Flying Purple Spiral Eater

Mary & Caroline, you were the first to respond to the request to do this quilt — thank you. I’d love it if you would work for a country feeling — I imagine this in country calicos — small prints, tea-dyed kinds of colors. The placement of lights and darks is important, as it creates a kind of center / border feeling. Feel free to enlarge it as much as you want for the size of quilt you would like to have. If that means adding squares, you’re welcome to do that too, though if you do that I would still like it to have the lighter colors in the center and the darker colors forming a border around the edge. And although I really like these colors, if you have a color scheme that you feel would be more appropriate for your own home, please let me know.

The name that keeps coming to mind for this quilt is Flying Purple Spiral Eater — but it seems much too elegant and well-behaved for that…… She needs another name……

MF 7-11-07: Let me know what you think. Is the border too much? Look forward to your input.

Flying Purple large


RM: Yes, Mary, your instincts are right — the border is too much. The design makes its own border, and I think that’s enough.

I experimented a bit with this larger rectangular size — the problem is that you need an even number of blocks in both directions, so if you try to lengthen the design in just one direction you get a “spaghetti farm” quilt. If it gets enlarged, it needs to go in both directions, IMHO… 🙂

MF 7-17-07:  Here are the fabrics for the quilt:

Mary Prairie fabrics

RM:  Mary, it looks like you matched the colors almost exactly.  Will there also be a tone-on-tone pale ivory for the white in the middle?  Or is that a piece of white cloth in the white space?

Looking forward to seeing your sketch of the scalloped edge.

MF 7-18-07: Good morning, # 3 is just with scallops. #4 has an inch of blue then the scallops. Let me know which you prefer. I sent the actual samples on Tuesday Maybe you will get them today or tomorrow.

Mary F 3  Mary f 4

RM:  Mary I got the swatches, and they are great — just the kind of thing I had in mind.  Thank you!  Of the two designs above, I like the one with the blue border before the scallops.  Couldn’t help but wonder, too, what the one on the left would look like with PINK scallops — sort of an extension of the pink half-stars at the edge.  Piping in the edges sounds lovely. 

Did you come to any conclusions about the yardage, or are you waiting until you finish sewing, as we discussed?

One more thing: WATCH OUT!  I just looked carefully at the printout you used when designing the scalloped border and THE COLORINGS ARE NOT UNIFORM OR SYMMETRICAL!  I think you must have printed out one of the quilts I was doodling with but did not intend as a finished design in the EQ file.  Example: the second row down from the top does not match the second row up from the bottom (it should be the same blocks, but upside-down).  Also, some of the blocks in the second row from the top are clockwise, and some are counter-clockwise.  You might be well-advised to go back to the original, square design and expand it out symmetrically from them.  (I wish EQ had the ability to simply copy or move a square from one position to another in a design — that may be where the errors began to creep in.)

MF 7-28-07:  RaNae, Here are the border ideas. Hope you like them, Let me know what you think. Personally, I like the pink scallop directly next to the blocks. Mary

P.S. I thought I had sent this yesterday, but my brain is all muddled up with Benadryl as I got bitten on the lip by a wasp. Needless to say you can imagine what my face looks like. ARGG!!! mcif

RM:  Mary, something about the blue border seems a little more “framed” — perhaps it’s the darker color — but go with whichever you prefer.  They’re both lovely.  SOOOO sorry about your lip ……    OUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

CA-MF 10-07-07: Here is the picture for you from Mary.  Praire Breezes is almost complete. The quilting is going nicely. Have a wonderful weekend.  Sincerely,  Caroline

Mary Prairie

RM:  Thanks for the update!


17 Responses to “Mary Farr & Caroline Anstey”

  1. RaNae Says:

    MF: I feel very small and inept when looking at these unusual and beautiful creations. I hope I will be able to do something unusual.

    RM: Mary, they are so much simpler than they appear, and yours will be just as beautiful! I tried to call you just now — at home and at the shop, but no luck catching you.
    How’s Caroline?
    Have you drawn any spirals to get familiar with them? Had any ideas about what you might like to do? If you’ll give me an idea of where you are, I can help you move forward. Just post something to your blog page and it will come through to my email.

  2. mcif Says:

    RaNae, What do you think of this. I haven’t leqarned to do JPEG or size yet. Will look that up in my XP book. I was trying not to take away from the center and spirals with the border.

  3. mcif Says:

    RaNae, I am printing the foundations right now. Tomorrow I will start checking my stash and elsewhere for fabric Will send samples later.

    RM: Great! Looking forward to seeing them!

  4. mcif Says:

    RaNae, How about ‘Prairie Breezes”? I see the swirls as the wind swirling up dust, thru the trees etc.

  5. RaNae Says:

    Mary, will you be using wash-away foundation on this quilt? If so, I’d love to hear how it works out! Thanks — R.

  6. mcif Says:

    RaNae, Yes. I have found that Sulky Paper Solvy washes out the easiest. I posted coments to the foundation page. Mary

  7. mcif Says:

    RNae, An addendum to the above. The biggest problem is that each 12″ square uses 4 pieces of solvy. For a project this size it is well worth it because it is so easy to wash out. Others that wish to use it mqay ant to consider a smaller size square. Mary

    RM: Mary, thanks for the tips!

  8. RaNae Says:

    Mary, thanks for your comments and math on the calculating fabrics post.

  9. mcif Says:

    RaNae, I have picked materials for the quilt [RM: awaiting image]. The brown is not that red looking. The blue moved a bit in the scanner. I will also send you swatches by snail mail so you can see the actual material.

    Also, I wonder what you think about making the border scalloped. I would still keep it narrow to 2 inches. I will send you a copy as son as I get it drawn up. I think my tentative drawings look good with the scallops.

    RM: Mary, I didn’t receive an image of the fabrics. I’m interested to see the border of the quilt — if it’s what I’m imagining — one shallow scallop for each spiral — I think it could be rather nice!

  10. mcif Says:

    RaNae, I will sent the material figures later. I want to do the figures again as there is such a big discrepancy.

    RM: I’m not surprised that there is a big discrepancy, given what I know about EQ’s fabric computations. (QuiltPro was much more accurate in this regard, but the program had so many other problems, I gave up on it.) You can send me the figures after you cut — it will be useful to see how the ACTUAL amounts differ both from my formula and from EQ.

  11. mcif Says:

    RaNae, Yes that is a tone very light ecru. Am sending the actual samples by snail mail. Will work on the scalops this afternoon as well as redo the material figures from your equation.

  12. mcif Says:

    Good morning, # 3 is just with scallops. #4 has an inch of blue then the scallops. Let me know which you prefer. I sent the actual samples on Tuesday Maybe you will get them today or tomorrow. Mary Farr

  13. mcif Says:

    RaNae, I plan to use piping in the blue fabric along the scallops. What do you think? If you think binding would be better let me know. Mary Farr

  14. RaNae Says:

    Mary, 12 inch blocks are what I had in mind — that way the quilt will end up a useable size. Thanks for asking. R. 🙂

  15. mcif Says:

    RaNae, I agree with you about the blue border making a better ‘frame’ so I will go with that one. It will be quite a challenge to make. Mary

  16. mcif Says:

    RaNae, Well it’s almost finished. Down to the quilting now. This project has really tested my mettle. Adter many goofs on mu part, I finally have it together. The quilt is PRAIRIE BREEZES Designed by RaNae Merrill, Pieced by Mary Farr and Caroline Anstey, Quilted by Mary Farr. It consists of point to point spirals set in a square setting. I matched the colors that RaNae had designed.

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