DL: Here are my first brushes with EQ6 for designs for the Stonehenge moonrise nd sunset wall hangings. These are the single spiral with a few colorways. I went with the gray and then can make the final choice in the sunset/rise colorway as well. Next I will stretch to designing the more complex spiral with the 12 smaller spirals.


Devi moon 1

Devi moon 2  Devi moon 3

Devi moon 4  Devi moon 5

RM: Devi, what struck me right away is the last two — you could use almost exactly the same colors, but color one spiral from light to dark and the other one from dark to light…..

Of the various “stone” arrangements, I think I like the first, with the three ‘gates.’ Somehow it suggests the circle of stones more than the others. Which is your favorite?

These are beautiful and you’re on the right track!

DL 7-07-07: Well,…. I have worked on the more intricate design and….I probably should use a different style swirl. Keep going or revert to the simple one?

Devi 6  Devi 7

Devi 8  Devi 9

Devi 10

RM: Devi, I love the fourth one — that thin little yellow ring around the center before the mini-spirals is like a gold bangle on the arm — just a touch of definition and sparkle, but oh what a difference!

I’m not sure I love the brown background in any of them — in fact, I’m pretty sure I don’t. That night sky cries for something dark and starry, or perhaps with some interesting mythical celestial symbols. The sun needs something sunrise- or sunset-ier. I suspect you have already thought of this, but I mention it for the benefit of everyone watching…..

Also, I think in your final design you may want a bit more space above the sun/moon circle, just so it doesn’t feel crowded.

DL 7-29-07:  I am working on the sun version first. I think that the two will be as different as say….night and day 🙂

I am sending a revised picture of the sunset.

Devi alternate block  Devi Sun quilt

I cannot get EQ to do exactly what I want and do not want to waste more time. I hand drew a correct version and have started but I have fabric if you do not like the modifications. In this rough ‘sketch’ , I have changed the 12 spirals to be more delicate and dynamic and used the empty space to create rays. I also have created two versions of the center. I think I prefer the jagged look as giving more movement so it is the one I am uploading vs a traditional spiral.

Also the background will be auditioned when down and will be a dynamic ‘batick’ sunset sky so ignore the colors on the EQ

RM:  Devi, this looks beautiful!  Can’t wait to see the night version!

DL 8-3-07:  Here are the moon designs. i have the sun half finished I have certainly learned a lot. This weekend is all about sewing spirals.

Davi moon

RM: It look great Devi — I can’t wait to see the finished pieces!

From Rhonda Adams 8-13-07:  I saw this in the comic section on Friday and it made me chuckle…I think we’ve all been there, but it immediately made me think of you and your quilts for RaNae. I hope Stonehenge by Day, by Night is coming along beautifully. Looking forward to seeing your progress. Fellow spiro, Rhonda Adams

Stonehenge comic

RM 8-31-07:  Devi’s quilt tops are finished and on the way to the quilter!  Devi, they are stunning!  Spiros, read Devi’s long comment below about her whole process of designing and sewing.

Midsummer and Midwinter

Devi Midsummer

Devi Midwinter

RM 9-19-07:  Here are a few detail shots of the quilting done by Gwen Baggett on Devi’s Midsummer quilt.  Gwen’s website is http://www.snugglerscovequilting.net/

Devi quilting 1

Devi quilting 2

Devi quilting 3

RM 9-26-07:  Here are the final quilted pictures of Midsummer and Midwinter

Devi Midsummer quilted

Devi Midwinter quilted

Notice how Gwen quilted in the shadows of the stones in Midwinter — how cool is that?!


12 Responses to “Devi Lanphere”

  1. marian15 Says:

    Devi, I like the first one too; it is more interesting and draws you into the work. I was very struck by these. They are very creative and exciting. Good luck.

  2. yogib2 Says:

    WOW!! Devi, these are incredible. I can see it all as if I were there visiting again! RaNae…the designs just keep getting more and more intriguing, and all are sooooo different. Who knew? Way to go Spiros!

  3. RaNae Says:

    Well, Devi, as you’ve probably figured out, I am almost never without an opinion! Glad my comments helped. The designs are beautiful, even without the secondary spirals, if you decide that that’s too much to take on. R 🙂

  4. sqtdenise Says:

    I love your design!! Very unique. 🙂

  5. scowlkat Says:

    What a beautiful idea! The mystery of Stonehenge enhanced by these mysterious spirals we are working with! Blows me away.

  6. juliewillis Says:

    Wow, Devi…. soooooo cool!

  7. devi7 Says:

    Delayed by computer glitches, work from vacation and more…I am back on track. Couple of questions and follow ups.

    EQ spread the fabric badly on the background. I am trying the sunset spirals but also going to look at blacks etc. I have a great black on black fairy frost and a spiral for the applique. I have unique center fabrics with shine that I am going to audition as well.

    I am blowing up the blocks at Kinko’s because EQ6 has decided that my blocks are getting to complicated to save and I want to get a real sense of the size I am working with. I am planning to go further in as we talked about and I want to try for a better spiral in the squares. That of course got me to thinking….I can understand how to do the center and the sections of the last group but how would I add the outer spirals? Paper pieced separately?

    RM: You mean we actually have to figure out a way to SEW the thing? Can’t you just wiggle your mystical nose and make it all happen?! 😉

    Now that you mention it, yes, we do have a construction challenge here, don’t we?

    Part 1 of your answer is yes, paper-piece the small triangles separately. Be sure to leave the foundation paper in, so you have the seam lines on the side to accurately sew them into the ring. You have a bit of “fudging” room underneath the stone just in case.

    Part 2 is how the heck to get the inner spiral to attach to the ring of mini-spirals? (Getting the outer spiral pieced over them is no problem.) I think you’ll have the best success by piecing the ring of mini-spirals together, then appliqueing the edge of the ring of spirals over the edge of the center spiral (or the inner spiral over the — whichever way is more comfortable given the bulk of seam allowances).

    I think you’ll find that in addition to printing the various separate spiral templates, it will be helpful to have a complete printout of the whole design that you can use for alignment when putting the sections together.

    I always find it an interesting challenge to figure out HOW to do something that hasn’t been done before! This is a great design and worth the extra brainpower, I think! 🙂

  8. RaNae Says:

    Devi, I had the same problem with EQ this weekend — “Sorry, I think your beautiful block is too darned complicated so I’m not going to save it [big computer raspberry]!.” I posted a solution on the main page just now.

  9. quilterk Says:

    DEvi, I have to say, you’re design is spectacular, like so many others. I can’t wait to see the finished product.

  10. devi7 Says:

    This is much longer than I am sure you expected but the thoughts are for me as well.

    Quilt designed, machine pieced and appliquéd by Devi Lanphere, Antioch, California
    Machine quilted by: Gwen Baggett, Snuggler’s Cove Quilting, Clinton IN
    Each is 42” by 56”
    Midsummer (sun)and Mid winter (moon)
    Spirals: point to point, Baravelle (moon) and nesting spirals (sun)

    Wow – this was a wonderful opportunity and a definite stretch for my ability. This is the first quilt I have designed and sewn. I was inspired by my trips to Stonehenge and Newgrange and find it interesting that I am completing them as we have a lunar eclipse! I am also fascinated with Celtic knot work and the spirals led me down that path.

    Spirals: Both have a large center using the point to point spiral and then a small ring of triangles to allow placement of the blocks. The moon uses Baravelle spirals and the sun has nesting spirals combined with “ray” inserts to make the triangle block fit the pentagon shape as the twelve blocks.

    Design: I have used EQ software to modify designs, play with colors on purchased designs or creatively play. This was the most intense EQ design I ever attempted. I cannot believe that a simple pencil sketch became such a dramatic quilt. I gave myself permission to do a simple design but the twelve smaller blocks inserted into the larger spiral are the part that added drama. Designing took a great deal longer than I thought but was enjoyable. It was difficult to master the complicated creation within EQ6 and I eventually was unable to save the design. I also could not learn quickly enough how to create blocks that were not square. As a result I took the basic design to a copy shop, blew it up to the size desired and then hand finished the last few rings in the center and hand drew the 12 spirals on each quilts. This meant I could not preview colors in the total design. Another issue in designing was my need to have the designs match but represent the sun and moon. I finally realized that each had it won design need so they needed to be similar but different. This was achieved by changing the 12 spiral blocks and placing fabrics differently in the larger spirals.

    I also wanted something a bit different and so added the appliqué element. I am still struggling with the creation of the large appliqué elements and cursing myself for adding more techniques.

    Fabric selection: This changed several times and I probably have enough to make two more sets in variation colors. I fell in love with your fabric as the sun and moon radiating their glow and as the centers. I tried batiks, colors runs of blenders, hand dyes and more. I found that the moon worked great with the Fairy Frost so there was glow. The sun was created twice since the first choices looked great on the cutting table but there was not enough difference was they were cut into small parts. I was also hesitating to use the dark red and yet I think it adds the drama to really see the radiating spokes. The backgrounds were chosen after completing the moon and sun. The selections were not as I originally planned but as is often the case the original choices over shadowed the designs. The sun has slight fussy cutting to keep the purple at the top area of moon and the blue/orange near the bottom.

    Foundations/piecing: I combined paper piecing on the 12 spirals and foundation piecing on the large spiral and the spiral edge. I tried paper on the large spiral and found it very difficult. I had trouble following the complicated design and found the trick of using a different color micron pen for each ring. I LOVE the tape technique vs. pins. The inner blocks put on with Y seams to the foundation pieced center. The 12 The REAL challenge was how to put the outer ring foundation onto the sun. I drew a line a ¼” inside to stitching area of the small triangles, lined up the center piece (on the wrong side with the cut outer ring foundation and stay stitched them together. Then back to piecing. It was hard to be sure and keep the foundation from bunching at this stage. The foundation does make it thicker but worked better during sewing.

    Appliqué: What was I thinking!?! After the hours of creating and then stitching the two pieces, I had to start the appliqué. I wanted to hand appliqué but realized time was not going to allow that. I then shifted to machine appliqué. The design of the standing stones also took a lot of thought at a time when I felt pressured by time. I am still not comfortable with the shadowing but I do love the finished pieces. I created templates for hand appliqué with freezer paper and then shifted these to fusible pieces. I created the stones on an appliqué ironing sheet and then placed the complete stone on the piece.

    Quilting: I am sending to Gewn as we write

  11. yogib2 Says:

    Wow! Devi, your vision really did come “full spiral”. I especially like Midwinter…so graphic. Isn’t it amazing how the process of getting– to here– had so many unexpected turns, but perseverance really paid off. RaNae’s fabrics gave you the perfect highlights you were seeking on the roads leading your eyes to those wonderful spirals in the sun and moon.

  12. quiltfee Says:

    Devi, I think you quilts are breath taking!


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