Here’s Emma’s table runner design using irregular 5-sided nesting spirals.  The coloring makes them look like roses.

 Emma 1

EK 9-8-07:  I am done.

Emma’s Table Runner large

 Emma’s Rose Block

I hope this is what you can use in your book. It has been an adventure andI have truly enjoyed exploring this technique.

RM:  Emma, it looks great — your piecing and your quilting look very precise.  Thank you — I look forward to seeing it “in person”!


3 Responses to “Emma Krenek”

  1. marian15 Says:

    Looks great!

  2. yogib2 Says:

    Emma…the quilting really made your garden grow! I have to say I am envious of RaNae getting to see all of these quilts up close and personal next month. I fell like I’ve become a member of a secret society communicating and making new friends through spiraling and blogging. Beautiful, just beautiful.


  3. quiltfee Says:

    Those roses are beautiful!


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