FB 9-26-07:  [RM: Finally, a word and a picture from the mysterious Fee in Indonesia!  And worth waiting for, I might add…]  Hi RaNae, the quilt is going tomorrow morning into the post. Sorry about the delay, we are having somebody visiting here from England and time just ran away from me. In meanwhile, I am attaching a picture for you.

In Memory of Marja

Fee almost finished

Let me tell you, adding those spirals made such a difference in the movement of the quilt. Every time I placed them in a different place I totally changed the look of the picture. Even turning them so that the colours were lying in a different place gave extra options. That was fun! I hope you like and can use what I made. I still have to attach the last two spirals tonight and cut off odd threads, and add a few yellow dots otherwise the quilt is finished. Hugs! Fee


5 Responses to “Fee Bricknell”

  1. Mary Ann Says:

    I heard about the 7.3 magnitude earthquake centerd near Jakarta but haven’t heard any more as yet. I’m hoping you are all right as Jakarta is perhaps 1,000 miles away. In any case, we pray for all of those who have been affected.

  2. spiralquilts Says:

    Fee, this is gorgeous! What an artistic talent you have in interpreting the flower.

    Gwen Baggett (“LT”)

  3. Micki Says:

    Fee, this is gorgeous! You must be so delighted with your stunning creation. What a wonderful addition to the book.

  4. yogib2 Says:

    Oh My! Stunning, Fee….thanks for the photo op.


  5. quiltfee Says:

    Thank you all for the compliments. What a surprise, I was preparing myself for RaNae rejecting my quilt and now I got your praising comments! That is a boost to my self confidence. The reason I am so insecure about the quilt? My husband didn’t like the background.


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