Gail 2

GW: I need to see the actual blocks and play with with them on the design wall. I am using the traingle blocks that I drew and decided to see what I could do.
Please expand on this idea or tell me to do another shape.

RM: Gail, you’ve got a good start — why don’t we give this some thought. Triangles alone are covered pretty thoroughly in a previous book by another author (Log Cabin with a Twist) so I’m really trying to go beyond where she leaves off. I’m finishing my needs assessment, and I’ll be in touch when I have that done.

GW 7-14-07: Well I have been busy drawing and redrawing and finally managed an excellent square and found a triangle ruler in my husbands geometry set for another block. The centre block is the triangle blocks with the squares on the outside.

In image one I have 2 square blocks top and two side with a large traingle of the focus fabric on the bottom. I do not want squares in the top 2 corners

Gail 1

Image 4 I have put the 4 triangle blocks on point and can make 2 more squares for the 4th side What do you think? They are not sewn together

Gail 4

RM: Gail, I’m really proud of you! This is beautiful. And you did it all on your own (owing to my scatterbrainedness that I forgot to send you the templates — so thank you for going ahead without me!). Your color choices are lovely and I like the placement of the focus fabric. The center reminds me of a deep purple iris. 🙂

Either setting is fine with me — I can see that you are taking a very original approach to overall structure.

My one suggestion is to be careful of the placement of the light green spokes in your squares — for example, in the top image you have the light greens in the center of the squares on the left side and in the corners of the squares on the right side. There is a similar anomaly between the upper right and lower left squares in the second design. Perhaps you’re trying to avoid TOO much symmetry, but I think in either case — particularly because you’re using an unconventional setting overall and because you’ve done a good job of varying colors in the spokes already — that bit of symmetry will help the eye rest on the more important elements of your design.

Putting a large piece of the focus fabric into the finished design (however that may end up taking shape) calls attention to how you used the large-scale fabrics in the center of the design, and will help me show people that you CAN use large-scale fabrics in spirals.

Good work — spiral on!

GW 7-29-07:  Good afternoon — I have finished 2 projects. Not sure if they will meet your requiremnts. I had lots of fun constructing the blocks and making the projects.  Gail

Gail red & black


gail purple-green

RM:  Wow, Gail!  You really do think “outside the box”!  These are so original and yes, they do a great  job of demonstrating lots of points for the book.  Great job — and double thank you!


7 Responses to “Gail Wiebe”

  1. lailey Says:

    I would also like to do something different to triangles, (this time I spelled it right

  2. lailey Says:

    Ok I think I want to try working with squares that connect and combine with another type of spiral
    I am off to draw again.

  3. RaNae Says:

    From Gail 8-31-07: Good Morning! I finally came up with a name for the green/purple design but the red/white & black one is completely stumping me. Any ideas would be appreciated. Gail

  4. RaNae Says:

    Gail, so I’m full of curiosity: what is the name?!

    As for the red, white and black one, what came to mind when I first saw it was that silly joke/riddle we used to tell as kids:

    “What’s black and white and read all over?”

    A zebra [or skunk] with diaper rash.

    Now, I DON’T think that your quilt has diaper rash!!!!! But “Black & White & Red All Over” is what, in the back of my mind, I have been using as a working title until I hear otherwise from you.

  5. quiltfee Says:

    Gail, you not only think outside the box, you also think outside the quilt! What a great design!


  6. Sylvia Hart Says:

    Gail, I fell in love with your Mesclun Mixed quilt in RaNaes SASQ book. I’m amazed you made it from being a complete beginner and it has inspired me to have a go.

    1. RaNae Says:

      Sylvia, I’m so glad you liked the quilt. I’ll forward your message to Gail — I’m sure she’ll enjoy the compliment. R 🙂

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