This page is for Jamie’s current project: 

JM 8-20-07:  I’d sure like to see that pic of the pencil line drawing that you originally sent to me that set me off on this second spiral adventure.

RM: Here it is:

Octagon Spiral Idea PDF

JM:  Then maybe you could post this pic of my first attempt at color placement.

Jaime 1st block 

I’m not sure that I want to send more yet, as I’m not sure of where I’m going. But as you can guess – these colors make me Happy!

Hugs, Jamie – looking forward to ‘a whole new look’ at my place in the blog. Oh and I keep meaning to tell you what a cutie-pie Morgan is! Love her pic.!

JM 9-9-07:  Hi Ladies — Here’s a bit of a preview, I’m now done with 8 of the 9 blocks and I get to sew more today and tomorrow . . . then borders.

Jamie’s almost there

Please just remember it isn’t done, and I hope it will be a bit better when it’s quilted. Like I said earlier – there is one fabric that I wish I had picked better . . . more contrast between dark and darker . . . hoping LT [Jamie’s quilter] will be able to fix it up for me [RM: presumably with a lighter thread and heavy quilting?].   Hugs, Purple

RM:  Well, Purple, if anyone EVER had any doubt about why your nickname is Purple . . . 🙂

It’s really interesting to see how much variation you’ve achieved in this one-block design just by coloring the same spiral in different ways.  A great example that “simple” doesn’t have to be predictable or boring!

You’ve also used the interior corners of your spirals to very striking effect, simply by slicing them once in a way that let you create the contrasting star at the intersections.  Great work!

RM 10-07-07: Okay, I have to admit that this is a bit unfair to Jamie, since she is traveling home from Oregon right now and hasn’t had a chance to see these yet, but here are a couple of shots of her quilt that Gwen, her quilter, sent to me.  Don’t you love how the border looks like Hollywood lights?!

Jamie finished

Here’s a detail shot of the border:

Jamie detail

Great work, Jamie AND Gwen!

7 Responses to “Jamie McClenaghan 2”

  1. yogib2 Says:

    I’ll say…simply stunning agreeing wtih RaNae. I love the way the spirals flow into one another and the secondary designs that are formed. Just like eating a bag of chips, you can’t just make one of these quilts!


  2. maryreddington Says:

    Oh I love it. It’s exciting and calming at the same time. I keep saying to myself “now why couldn’t I have thought of that”? There are so many things to look at in this one quilt. The depth, the playfulness. I want one of these too!!!

  3. purplepassion Says:

    Oh thanks so much Rhonda and Mary! I am truly pleased with how this turned out and it was pretty much a surprise . . . even though I colored about 60 different ones with EQ6. Purples just make me happy, and I had to use them . . . working under a deadline just makes me crazy (and I spend most of my time ripping things out!) so I knew I Needed to use my favorite colors!

  4. quiltfee Says:

    It is beautiful! And the extension into the next block is such a great idea!


  5. RaNae Says:

    This from Jamie, August 28th (I posted it on the wrong page):

    OMG, woman! What have you done to me??!! I have been up nights, sewing ’til all hours – Not normal even for me! I’m a morning person, I’m a high energy early type. The whole bright-eyed, bushy tailed thing, that’s me . . . I do poorly in the evening, much less, late nights! YET, here I am, and I think I’ve WOWed myself! I don’t want to stop, and I can’t see straight any longer . . . at least for tonight. I am now applying chocolate cake, and a very clean puppy (as in freshly washed today by DH) is in my lap.

    Just to keep you up on this latest project, I have now made 4 of the 9 blocks needed, and one of them is totally wrong (as in, color placement didn’t work) and will have to be done over, buuutttttt, o.k., if I do say so myself, it’s pretty awesome!

    Gwen (LT) e’d me this morning asking if she could delay one of my other quilts that she is doing for me to work on some other spiral quilts for the book for someone else. Of Course I told her that was o.k. by me. I don’t know if I’ll have time for her to quilt this one for me, I doubt it, (I am hoping!) but this is such an extrodinary opportunity for us!

    I looked for that drawing, you remember, the first one that was just a simply pencil sketch that we started with for this project. Can’t find it and I hope that maybe you still have it. I have all the EQ6 files and since I’ve learned how to correctly save every coloring of this quilt, I have about 80 different ones – just of this project – way not all of them the least bit interesting.

    Maybe more pic’s to come, not sure yet.
    Hugs, Jamie

  6. RaNae Says:

    Jamie, the drawing is up there at the top of this page. Just click the link to bring up the PDF drawing. I’m glad you’re having such a great time, even if you are losing a bit of sleep.

    Hugs to Tivo & Dick

  7. maryreddington Says:

    I want one of these. It is awesome.

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