Jill RWB

RM: Jill, you dove right in, and this is a good start.  Hey, everyone, notice the Pellon foundation she’s using, since this is a big spiral and gets folded and twisted a lot.  When it gets bigger, Jill, you’ll probably decided that it needs some smaller details to really bring it alive.  Stars come to mind, of course……

Jill Mexican Sun

RM:  Jill, I know you’re really excited about this design, but except for the number of sides on the spirals, it is exactly what Dottie already did in “We’re Not in Kansas Anymore!”  However, the fact that you came up with it on your own says that you’re thinking in the right direction!

African Ohio Star

RM:  Jill, since the underlying block here is symmetrical, play around with mirrored pairs of spirals.  Again, this is a good start, but you can go much further with this concept.  Also, try some blocks that use shapes other than square and right-angle triangles.  Look back at the Spiral to Quilt – More Than One Shape page to see what I’m talking about.

With all three of these, you are on the right track, just play around a bit more and ask yourself “what if I . . . ”  before you settle on a design.  You’ve got a sophisticated engineering mind.  Put that ability to work here.


JK 8-11-07 (see comment below):  Brightly Churned

Jill Brightly Churned





9 Responses to “Jill Kerekes”

  1. jillkerekes Says:


    Sorry for filling your inbox tonight–I think I need to go to bed! I sent you three pictures. Two are of the designs that I tried to explain to you and didn’t do a good job explaining. I pirated the half square triangle that you created and drew the octagon spiral and the square spirals in EQ6. I’m not sure how to make the lines look skinny and smooth….

    The “Mexican Sun Inspired” design doesn’t look like a sun at all–but takes the basic shape of a sun. The red/white/and blue mockup is coming out pretty cool. I probably won’t use the exact triangle spirals in the design–for scaling purposes I think the the flow from the octagon spokes would be less fluid if the triangle spiral triangles are so small. I’m doing the mockup to practice and learn–if you like it for the book, great. If not, I just like it and will eventually finish it for me!

    The AfricanOhioStar was the second design that I tried to describe. I’m not sure if I’d use quite so many rings on the triangle spirals and the square spirals. The African fabrics that I’m thinking of using have many interesting prints and I’d have to do a little experimentation to see if the prints look better in larger triangles. This design has lots of space to fill in with either fun quilting or some traditional piecing.

    Jill Kerekes

  2. jillkerekes Says:


    The image that I sent is not complete, obviously. I put some color in it and I’m afraid that the color is going to end up being confusing for you–sorry. This is my first time playing since I sent the previous comment last Saturday. I’m interested in jumping into this design, if it is OK with you. I will not be using those colors, or only three colors—I just put those colors in while playing so that I could get a better idea of what will happen with color. I can see that only three colors will not work, but I wanted to send you this beginning design so that I can focus on this design. My kids are about to get up, so I have to get off the computer and can’t complete this rough image.

    Shall I go ahead with this design with color modifications? I will better organize my color scheme and send it to you–but this will probably take me a few hours and I don’t want to waste those hours if you suggest that this is not a design that you could use.

    Keep spinning!


  3. jillkerekes Says:

    Regarding the colors on my latest image, I just used whatever colors were in the default EQ6 color array. All of the fabrics I would use are much more like sherbet colors than the colors in the image. The effect would be a LOT less alarming and cutting and a lot more subtle and harmonious.

    I have a handful of prints with the ‘sherbet’ color scheme that I would need to audition–so the print in the outer edges is again, darker than what I would use. I would use this print to border this design as well.

    Jill Kerekes

  4. jillkerekes Says:


    I sent you a quick picture. The spirals on the left are just nested, the spirals on the bottom are nested with the outer ring being pinwheel. I think this is a good compromise between flow and sewing ease. The transition from white to purple is quite a bit more gradual and flows better with the one outer pinwheel layer.


  5. maryreddington Says:

    If those are not your colors (the purples, yellows and oranges), they surely are striking none the less. I love the way they give depth and a three dimension feel. Also, looking at the big picture, it sort of looks like an old fashioned water wheel. I love it.

  6. RaNae Says:

    Thanks, Jill. One thing to watch out for with the pinwheel connections is that if you use the same color on both sides of the dividing line between the triangles, you get a solid rectangle that interrupts the smooth flow of colors. Leave it or highlight it as a design element if you wish, buty if you DON’T want that solid bar of color, make the two adjacent triangles different tones or different colors.

  7. yogib2 Says:


    I do hope we get to see a picture of your quilt soon 🙂 In following the progress of each of our fellow Spiros and their designs, I can’t say enough how much I have enjoyed the ongoing/invaluable tutorials, and continued inspiration I get as each of the projects comes into it’s own. Your sketch was intriguing at the “get go” and I’m sure it has gone “full spiral”. Congratulations on having it complete.


  8. jillkerekes Says:


    Designed, Machine pieced, Machine Quilted(APQS Millenium) by Jill Kerekes

    Flemington, New Jersey, USA

    “Brightly Churned”

    41″ x 41″

    Batting used: Quilter’s Dream Poly
    Quilting Thread: Isacord

    There are 12 four sided spirals and 16 three sided spirals on this quilt. All of the 3 sided spirals are pinwheel spirals and the inner 8 four sided spirals are a combination of pinwheel and nested spirals.

  9. quiltfee Says:

    It is such a sunny quilt!


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