Turtle 1st

KN: Here is my first attempt, I am still playing with the design as I want the heart to show up more than once.

Turtle 001

KN: Okay, here is a design I like. I am calling it “For the Love of Spirals”
Let me know what you think. I will play with color this weekend.

RM: Karen, if it’s hearts you are after, you can get even more heart-like shapes by skewing the squares into diamonds or using different shapes of spiral. Look at Magnum Opus on the Inspiral Quilts page for one example. Also look at some of the examples on the second page of the PDF download Spiral to Quilt – More Than One Shape.

Also, the more sides your spirals have, the more the spokes curve. And Baravelle spirals are the curviest.

KN 7/4/07: I have been playing with the colors this afternoon. I have two gradations by Benartex, the Aqua to the bright royal blue and one that is a gold to a deep rust. I was thinking using those two. I also some of Lunn’s gradations with the circles by Timeless Treasures. I have lined them up as choices one, two and three for the main fabrics. Let me know if you like any of the choices.

Karen choice 1

Karen choice 2

Karen choice 3

RM: Karen, I don’t think it’s a choice of either/or, but more a matter of where you’ll use the different fabrics in the composition. They are all good, and the circular print is an interesting texture. You can also use it to emphasize scale – placing smaller print in “deep” areas or near the center of the spirals and larger print in “close” areas or near the outer edges of the spirals.

KN: I have tried to color it several different ways. Of course with crayon it is hard to show the gradations, but hopefully you get the idea.  Any suggestions?

Karen color 1

Karen color 2

Karen color 3

RM:  I definitely gravitate toward the ones that include red.  Votes, anyone?

RM 10-22-07:  Turtle was unable to finish this design for now, but I left it up as a good example of using a single shape in a creative way to achieve a really stunning design.  Turtle, I hope we get to see the finished quilt someday soon!


3 Responses to “Karen “Turtle” Nick”

  1. turtle011 Says:

    RaNae, I think I might use both of the fabrics with the circles and the aqua gradation. I also like the idea of having either yellow or gold in the plan rectangles. What do you think?

  2. RaNae Says:

    I think at this point you should just start trying out fabrics and trust your gut. You’ve got a good palette to work with. Now listen to your design and it will guide you.

  3. purplepassion Says:

    Hi Turtle, It’s me, Purple. Just thought I’d tell you that before I started my project for RaNae, I copied just a small section of the total drawing with the copy machine and sewed a few of my fabric choices into some of the shapes from the design.
    Then I copied it again and tried different fabric choices. With an actual small section of the quilt now in some fabrics, I quickly knew which fabrics I liked best and the stronger the contrast between each different spoke, swirl, or arm of the spiral, the better I liked it. I started with many fabrics in close gradations of light to dark in a range of about 8 different shades of one color. Thought that was what it would take . . . it turned out that the more contrast the better for me.

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