KO 7-19-07:  Here are more pictures…progress is slow since everything is trial and error with pencil and ruler…

Kathy O snowman mock-up

First is a mock up of the idea, with snowflakes attached. Size is about 54″ x 72″. Figure that size I could hang or use. Background will be the royal blue fabric with the swirls on it…I was originally going to do a large swirl background (like your white one?) with the fabrics I had shown, but I am starting to think that it won’t really help the quilt…I think it might just make stuff too cluttered and confusing, and not show off the individual flakes…I think if they are placed something like this it will still show the swirl of snow coming down to make the snowman? What do you think?

RM:  Kathy, I think that a simple background will be best — let the spirals shine by themselves.

KO:  I still need to design spirals for the moon, 3 snowman balls, and the ground…direction of what kinds to use would be great! Was thinking about mandalas for the snowman, at least the bottom ball? Other ideas?

The flakes are sent top to bottom, roughly smallest to largest. Coloring is just representative – will be in pastels. Questions about them – do you think they work? The third and fifth are shaded. Was thinking about shading the second as well. Do the first and fourth need to be shaded? Not really sure, and drawing it by hand, I can’t erase the lines with a magic button .

Do you think this is going where we want it to be to be book and/or award worthy?

RM: I think it’s book-worthy, as for awards, you’ll have to ask the judges!  🙂 

KO:  I’ve been trying to include a representation of all the types of spirals in it, a sampler of sorts, but have totally lost track and gotten myself very confused.

RM:  Kathy, don’t worry about this — just do what works for YOUR design! 

Redrew several times as I realized I wasn’t starting one of them right…also trying to have things in multiples of 6 (for the sides of a flake) – hence was thinking the moon and snowballs would need to be 12 sides…also thinking how neat it would be to shade in the face of the man in the moon, and depending on what I use for the snowman, might be able to work in his facial features and buttons…getting a little obsessive here I know! Ask Em or Joan…I get this way!

Kathy O flake 1A

 Kathy flake 2

Kathy flake 3 

 Kathy flake 4

 kathy flake 5

 Kathy moon 1

RM:  Kathy, don’t overthink this.  Your design is whimsical and fun, the snowflakes as you have drawn them do a great job of showing off spiral technique and they look great in the design.  Don’t let your ideas get so complicated that you overwhelm yourself before you even start!  Start sewing the spirals you have, then you’ll have a better idea of how to proceed on the parts you haven’t finished yet. 

KO:  Also starting to think about possible ways to embellish after it is all done and quilted…and have a few ideas clogging around for the hatband. 

RM:  When you get there, the ideas will present themselves.  Start sewing.  Sometimes perfection is just a matter of choosing which one to use.  Once you commit, the other choices are forgotten, or saved for another project later on.

KO 9-19-07: Okay, couldn’t keep you in the dark…here are photos of moon (can you see his face in the darkest yellow…next shade down is a little too dark, so his face isn’t quite as distinct as I thought it would be) and one of the flakes pinned together. Both against the background fabric.

Kathy 002 small

Kathy 003 small

I think I’m going to just turn under the moon edge instead of finishing off as the 12 triangles, I think it might finish swirling around better that way?

RM: Good plan.  Why give yourself more stress over something that doesn’t make a huge design difference?  Save it for where it really matters.  By the way, that moon has an awful lot of small pieces in it……

KO: The rest of the flakes, and my brain, are mush, or maybe I should say slush!!! Maybe I shouldn’t have stopped eating chocolate…and no, it was not my choice! As if!

RM: Now why would you do a d— fool thing like stop eating chocolate?  You’d better have a good explanation or I may have to send the chocolate police down there to set you straight!

The snowflake you’ve sent is interesting — not the way one would automatically think of a snowflake.  You’ve put some of the hexagons together with a different order of colors around the spokes.  So, for example, the perwinkle blues make straight lines across the snowflake instead of the 6-pointed star in the center one might expect.  Original, out-of-the-box thinking.  I like that. 

Or maybe it’s just the chocolate withdrawal.  Really, Kathy, we’ve got to do something about that……

KO 10-4-07: Hi RaNae!  Top is going to the quilter this afternoon, hopefully she can give me an idea today of when she’ll have it done…attached are some before pics

Planning on having an irregular edge, it has been done in a basting thread for the quilter, but doubt that you can see that in the photos. The black hat will be attached afterwards, coming off the side on the right side…hoping she can do something in her quilting to simulate the head itself…and maybe to make some sort of rings around the moon…if I have time, will be adding a couple buttons to be buttons on his belly etc, will see when I get it back. Obviously I’m going to have to overnight this…just hope it will actually get there in time. While Peggy has it, I will be making the hat, sleeve, label, and cutting the facing strips…and trying to figure out a good way to embellish the man in the moon face so that you can actually see it! She said she won’t be able to quilt in any of the motifs due to the bulk.

The pieces ended up as follows:
moon 187, about 6.25″
top flake 133, about 6″
middle flake 265, about 7″
bottom flake 259, about 7″


So, I need a name! Only thing I have come up with so far is “Where’s My Man?”, and not sure how much I like that…

It has been quite an adventure! Thanks RaNae!


5 Responses to “Kathy Oppelt 2”

  1. ksoppelt Says:

    wow RaNae, the background really came out dark in the pictures, isn’t really that dark a blue, but is a dark royal mottled with swirls in it thing.

    Moon has 187 pieces and will finish to about 6″ across. This flake is 133 pieces..the others vary, most I think will be 265 pieces in one of them, least is 78?

    Yeah, I like small, but this is a bit over the top, even for me…

    the flake…I knew it might look kind of striped…almost looks plaid in some ways, and of course much different than the colored pencils…but I think you can still see the spirals in it??? It is the drawing above that has orange, purple and green in it…I think it all stayed in the same places when it went to fabric, but who knows at this point!!!

    Think I figured out what I was doing wrong on one I had started the other day – I think I was sewing it in the wrong direction…working on a different one today, and will retry that one tomorrow.

    Back to the sewing machine!

    RM: Okay, Kathy, I think you officially the “MANIAC” prize in Spiromania…. Even MY smallest, pieciest was only 5-1/4″ square with 77 pieces……

  2. quiltfee Says:

    Cant wait to see your quilt finished!


  3. Mary Ann Says:

    Kathy…your project is terrific! I though along similar titles to “Where’s my man?”. I like that phrasing best (mine somehow thought of the snowman as…well, a man). It’s sweet to picture a snow-woman waiting for her snowman. Makes me smile. ‘Finding your winter dream’ or variations on that came to mind. Also ‘Winter Whimsy’. But I think you may have already thought up the perfect title. Congrats on your quilt! ; ) Mary Ann

  4. ksoppelt Says:

    thanks Mary Ann! Other names that have been flurrying in my head include “Swirling Memories” and “Nipping at your Nose”…of course still have to deal with whether or not he gets a nose!!! Maybe one lying on the ground if I use that title! With a bite out of it???

  5. vickih Says:

    I like Nipping at Your Nose.

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