Kelly has been quite busy this past month having a new art studio built for her quilting and dyeing.  She officially moves in July 6 or 7.  Can you see how green I am with envy? 

Congratulations, Kelly!

KH 8-7-07:  I have attached as much as I could get on the page (it is about 9″ in diameter) of Creation.

Kelly Creation Spiral

The colors are obviously not what they will be. I just had to color them to be sure it was what I wanted. I think it makes a great round quilt. That is the wonderful part of this method. Is there ANY shape it can’t accomodate?  Anyway, the center of this one is still solid. I can’t make up my mind if I want to do a reverse spiral in there or just leave it alone. The fabric is a brooding dark piece and so I’m not sure if it would show up in a spiral anyway being all the same fabric. Let me now what you think.

RM:  Kelly, you have drawn this as a Pinwheel spiral, which requires that you sew one triangle as a time, in order, and do partial-seam piecing at the beginning/end.  However, consider this: Since you are coloring only spokes, not any solid rings of color, and you are not working with a flow setting (adjoining spirals that flow into one another) you could do this as a Nesting Spiral, which would be faster to sew, since you could stitch several triangles at a time (instead of one at a time) and you wouldn’t have to finish a partial seam at the end.

KH 8-30-07: OK, after looking at the TaDa page I think I’d rather just do my little quilt and enjoy it myself. While this technique is perfect for this quilt (SOOOO much easier than sewing those dad-blasted curves) it is nowhere even on the same planet as the others.  I’ve attached a picture of the printed out and taped together EQ6 pages (RM: this is a Nesting spiral) and a picture of the design traced onto the interfacing.

Kelly paper  Kelly interfacing

RM: Kelly, I need your quilt more than you understand — what will beginners think if there’s nothing simple and elegant like your design to help them get started? Yours is just as important as all the rest!

If you want changes to the EQ file, let me know and I’ll make them and re-send the file to you. For example, do you want 14 sides so that you have a day and a night for each creation day? Are you still thinking about putting a globe in the middle?

Did you look at Susanne Schmid’s quilt? It’s just a single Baravelle spiral, only three spokes highlighted, but really effective. Yours has the potential to be just as strong — a simple spiral with the concept of the 7 days of creation. What a great concept! And as you saw with “It’s About Time”, you can do “concept” really well. You’re an artist, not just a craftswoman, and that’s an important thing to show in the book as well.

For all these reasons, please don’t think that your quilt isn’t enough. It is just what it needs to be, and I will find it useful for the book!

KH 8-31-07:  hmmmm I didn’t think about you needing a simple beginner one…… This one would surely qualify for that. I gotta say, when I had it all traced I could just see it done in a hand dyed gradation of reds as a rose. When it is an “official” published technique I just might try one like that just for my own enjoyment.

I think you did a wonderful job on the EQ6 thing. I don’t need anything changed at all! I have it all traced out and now I know how much I need of each color. The spirals at 36″ are just big enough to still be able to get the concept. Like for the water day, I’m afraid if the spiral was any smaller it might not show up the water look of the sunprint fabric I’m using.  And, yes, I’m really thinking about the suspended globe. It may be a challenge to find but the search is on. I will need to find one that isn’t “cheesey”. I just received the most wonderful plaster of paris faces from another friend of mine. Each face is about two inches “tall”. I plan to use them for the 6th day. I hope they work out like I see them in my head!

RM: There’s the enthusiastic, creative Kelly I recognize! I was wondering if aliens had abducted her and left a naysayer in her place….  I can’t wait to see what you do with it, Kelly. You are a talented artist and it’s exciting to see you embrace that, trust it and grow with it!

As for sewing: Since this is a Nesting spiral, you can sew at the same time any triangles that are NOT adjacent.  Since you have 7 spokes in the spiral — 7 triangles in the ring — you can sew triangles #1, #3 & #5 at the same time, then #2, #4 & #6 at the same time, then #7.  You can’t sew #1 and #7 at the same time, because they touch.  I hope this helps!

KH 10-06-07: OK, here is the finished quilt. The black going to yellow/orange is Day One.

Kelly Creation done

Here are the simplified days:
Day One – Let there be light. Day and Night
Day Two – Sky
Day Three – Land and Sea
Day Four – Sun Moon and Stars
Day Five – Birds and Fishes
Day Six – Land animals and Man
Day Seven – REST

I don’t know if it will work for your book or not but I LOVE IT FOR MY CREATION QUILT!!!!

This technique worked out so GREAT for this quilt!!! Thank you thank you!!!

RM: Kelly, it looks really great!  You rhand-dyes look lovely — I love all the subtle earth colors, and it’s interesting how the light / dark split spokes ended up nearly across from each other, creating a nice balance.  The globe suspended in th emiddle is fantastic — the silk needle-pull really gave it a wonderful texture.  I’m glad you hung in there and finished this! 


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