Linda’s Flowers

I’ve been doing many quilts with broderie perse flowers (raw edged applique) and I thought I might combine those with one of your spiral ideas. I’m thinking of a kind of color wheel with each flower ingredient color on the outside and then some kind of ribbon spiral coming into the center where the arrangement contains similar flowers. I thought the ribbons could overlap, but I guess a more organized spiral would work if you need those kinds.

I like ombre fabrics a lot and maybe the ribbons could be made of those (light to dark,. either in or out).

Dotties Ribbons

Linda, here’s a way you can approach doing the ribbons (thank you to Spiro 1 Dottie who did this in EQ last year). This is a 10-sided Baravelle spiral, with ribbons twisting in both directions. Done in multiple colors like this it reminds me of a May Pole. You could do it in browns over an off-white background for something that resembles a basket.

16-sided spiral

This 16-sided point-to-point spiral, done in shades of brown, could REALLY look like a basket.

I hope this helps to illustrate the ideas we discussed on the phone tonight — it was great talking with you!

LC 7-9-07: I finally drew an EQ spiral–Yeah! This looks better than my rough pix, doesn’t it? I’m thinking maybe 3×4 feet. The flowers won’t be blocks, but broderie-perse flowers grouped by color on the outside that make a nice bouquet inside the spiral. I’ll practice on the spiral sewing next.

I know you mentioned tans and browns in a basket look, but colors always do more for me. I haven’t figured out what goes between the colors coming in from the outside yet.

Linda spiral

RM: Linda, congrats on using EQ — frankly, I haven’t figured out how to place drawings in a custom setting, so YOU could teach ME a few tricks, I’m sure!

I love that you shaped the spiral as an oval — it looks like a lovely old-fashioned oval picture frame.

With all that wonderful open white space, what are you planning to do for quilting? Do you quilt yourself, or send out quilting? If you’re thinking about sending out, contact me via email — I have an idea for you.

LC 7-16-07: I decided I wanted a black background (It’s Moda’s Marble Botanicals) and I’m using it in the spiral with the 7 colors on the bottom left. I won’t lay out the final flowers until I see what the spiral looks like sewn.

Linda Flower Spiral black
I found some Wash Away Paper (when I bought it it was Toni’s amazing Wash-Away Paper) and printed my EQ foundation pattern on it. I like the paper so far, it does wash away and doesn’t muck up with a dry iron. The suggestion with the paper was to use Wash-Away Tape, but since I have no patience for waiting, I connected the sheets with Roxanne’s glue and they seem strong.

The pix at this resolution doesn’t show the foundation pattern well, but the spirals from my former pix are printed in grey-scale and the lines are light but visible on both sides. I’m sure the grey-scale will make putting the right pieces in the right place much easier.

I love seeing all the designs on the blog! What a clever group and what a very clever moderator! [RM: I paid her to say that 🙂 ] Thanks, Linda

RM: Linda, I love seeing the progress you’re making — it’s looking beautiful!

As for the spiral foundation — don’t be too quick to trim it too close! You might find that it will help to fill in the center will some other paper to help stabilize the foundation so that it doesn’t wobble and twist as you sew. You could probably just tape in some newsprint. And don’t wash away the foundation until you’ve used it to help you fold or trim the edge of the spiral precisely.

Spiral on! 🙂

LC 7-17-07:  Spiral finished-Yeah! well, almost………

The paper worked well and I thank you for your suggestions. I was glad I cut away the middle- it made working with it much easier.

 Linda cooper pinned spiral

If I did this for a living, I’d install a level light box next to my machine so I could line it up and slide it under the presser foot. I’ve never worked with an empty-middle foundation so I think my inside middle starting points could have been done better. In the pix I have the pins where the inside baravelle spirals meet at the seam. I’m going to have to unpick there and tuck in the overlapping black at each seam. Maybe if I had started with the first pieces meeting edges turned under and basted then the seam would turn at the right place with no piece overhanging. (I hope that makes sense). What I think I might do is fix the inside seams and then baste the insides and outsides and wash away the foundation. The broderie perse often shrinks the fabric under the applique and I don’t think I want to get them wet. It would be easier working on the smaller inside piece (cut bigger before appliqueing) by itself and then applique down the spiral. I wouldn’t think this is a beginning paper-pieced project, but after the “rhythm” kicked in I did it in about 6-8 hours. Thanks for your help. Linda

RM:  Linda, you’re making great progress — and your points look perfect!  🙂

LC 8-6-07:  Hi RaNae, Yahoo! I’m all done except for the label– any ideas for a name? 

Linda C spiral flowers

Thanks so much-I owe it all to you.  Linda Cooper

RM:  Linda, Thank YOU!  It’s beautiful! Shall we throw out the naming question to the whole group?  Spiros?  Any ideas?

Hersehy quilt show

LC 8-8-07:  Hi RaNae, I thought you’d like to see a pic of our get-together at the Hershey show.  Left to right: Barbara Jones, Beth Bigler and her daughter Becky, me and next to me……..ta da….. Billy Lauder from Simply Quilts! Of course, I made a total fool of myself by saying to her, “I know you.. where do I know you from?” She was very nice. I’m sorry that Barb’s husband got cut from the pix.
I thank everyone for the great name suggestions for my quilt. I can’t make up my mind yet.  Stay out of the flooded subways! Linda

RM:   Linda, thanks for sharing!  As for the flooded subways, I really had no choice but to stay out.  Getting onto a jam-packed bus with my quilting bag was interesting, however…..


27 Responses to “Linda Cooper”

  1. yogib2 Says:

    Hi Linda…I’ve been so busy with pad and paper “spiraling” since we parted ways after a lovely get together that I haven’t taken the time to thank you properly for hosting the “VA Spiros”. THANK YOU!! It’s always an inspiration spending time with you (and with that fabulous stash). Have a wonderful weekend, and we’ll talk soon.


  2. quilterk Says:

    Ditto that for me, Linda. I really enjoyed all of the input during our “jam” session yesterday. We did jam alot into one short afternoon, didn’t we? Well, thanks again.

  3. yogib2 Says:

    Well, well, well….Linda, you never cease to amaze me! I knew you would pull off your vision beautifully, and to top it off by learning EQ is a true feat. (One I’ll save for later, although the amazing things that are coming out of it are worth a get-go soon.)

    Shall the VA Spiros plan their next get together soon?


  4. quilterk Says:

    Linda, your work is beautiful–as always. You have such a creative mind and your quilt is wonderful. I hope I get there one of these days!

  5. mcif Says:

    Linda, Thanks for your tip about using Roxanne’sglue instead of tape when putting foundation papers together. Love your design. I too love color and flowers. The frame idea with the broiderie perse is quite original. Mary Farr

  6. lindacooper Says:

    Mary came over today and we had fun finding fabrics for her spirals. She simplified my life a lot by suggesting I leave the flowers on the outside of the spiral off and just finishing with a bias striped binding of the fabrics I used in the baravelle. It should have a updated Victorian feel when it’s done. (Life is good!)

  7. lindacooper Says:

    Hi All,
    It was great to meet Beth and Barb at Hershey. The blog is great for seeing everyone’s progress, but the live contact is extra special.
    I have to disagree with Barb about the show. There weren’t as many quilts as other shows but the quality and originality was amazing. I don’t have a lot of shows under my belt for comparison, but it was super-duper for Hershey.
    I’m quilting my piece today and hope it comes out like my vision of it.

  8. sqtdenise Says:

    WOWOW… What a stunning quilt!!! I’m absolutely amazed!!

    I’m not good with names, but I’m sure someone will come up with something perfect.

  9. sqtdenise Says:

    Ok. well a shot… when I saw it, I thought of the “April Showers bring May Flowers” phrase, because of the rainbow around the flowers… but people might not get that. And like I said, I’m not great with names.

    RM: Denise, I think you underestimate yourself — it seems like a great name to me! Of course, it’s Linda’s quilt, so it’s up to her….

  10. evelynrn Says:

    It’s absolutely beautiful. One of those “why didn’t I think of that”.

    Are they hand appliqued?

    Looks like “Ring Around a Posey” to me. As you can tell I like quilt names that are plays on other things.

    RM: Another great option — I can see that Linda is going to have a tough choice to make! 🙂

  11. purplepassion Says:

    Linda – it’s beeauuutiful! Big congratulations on finishing! Sounds like you already have a couple of great choices for a name.
    Hugs, Purple/Jamie

  12. Mary Ann Says:

    Linda, this is gorgeous! Congrats, congrats. I think the way you picked up the flower colors for the Mobius frame is terrific.
    Regarding a name for your work: I usually just start kicking around qualities found in my project. I ‘throw out’ lots of names—even when I guess that they aren’t necessarily really good ones—just to get the creative juices flowing. In that light, I toss out “Evening Blossoms Twisting the Night Away” as a title that might generate other thoughts and titles.
    Congrats again, Linda!

  13. mcif Says:

    Linda, How about “Blossoms in a Spin” It is beautiful and the other names are also appropriate. Good luck deciding. Mary Farr

  14. joaninga Says:

    your quilt is beautiful Linda. It reminded me of the Maypole. Remember in th espring, the children had ribbons and wrapped them around the pole, they were always beautiful different colors and the children had flowers in their hair. So “Flowers around the Maypole”?
    Just a thought.

  15. turtle011 Says:

    Linda, it is absolutely beautiful. I really can’t think of a name that does it jusice, the only thing the spiral around the flowers reminds me of a cameo, so “Cameo Bouquet” or “Cameo Noegay”
    Hugs Turtle

  16. bettydonahue Says:

    Beautiful. It almost makes me want to get an EQ program.
    The name that came to my mind was “Ring Around the Posies”.

  17. Micki Says:

    Linda, your project is a work of art — it’s “Inspiraled”! Very lovely.

  18. ksoppelt Says:

    Linda – absolutely gorgeous – first thing that came to mind for me was also ring around the rosie, but you could make it rainbow around the posies! LOL – btw I’m terrible at naming quilts!

  19. quilterk Says:

    Linda, great job! It’s wonderful. A spinoff name from one of the other names offered … about “Spiralring Around the Posies”. I also like Turtle’s suggestion of “Cameo Bouquet”.
    Kathy E

  20. lindacooper Says:

    Thanks everyone for the kind words and the great names. I like them all so it will be tough to choose.
    The flowers are cut from various flowers and decorator fabrics. I glue-basted them in place with Roxanne’s and then raw-edge appliqued them in place with variegated thread and then when I quilted it I went over the edges and into the centers with the same thread.

  21. marian15 Says:

    It struck me as being encircled so something relating to that. I like Ring around the Posies. It’s lovely. Well done you!

  22. juliewillis Says:

    Gorgeous! The only title that popped into my head was “Les Fleurs”. Great work, Linda!


  23. sewbig Says:

    Having seen this quilt in person when it was partially finished, I am sure the finished project is outstanding. If you are still looking for a name, I am suggesting “Midnight Victorian Splendor”. Congratulations.

  24. lindacooper Says:

    I realized that I never explained a simple thing about my spiral that might confuse new EQ users. I drew it as a 14-sided polygon with equal sides in a square setting and saved it and then elongated the length in the program to skew the spiral and that’s how I got the oval. Changing the lengths or widths of the blocks in the EQ library is also a fun exercise.

  25. RaNae Says:

    From Linda 9-6-07:

    My Bloomin’ Spiral
    Designed, machine pieced, machine and hand appliqued, and quilted by Linda Cooper
    40×45 inches

    I designed a 14-sided Baravelle spiral as a “square” in EQ6, then set it in a rectangular layout to create the oval spiral. I printed it out on wash-away paper in a 32 x 37 inch size. I glued the paper patterns together with Roxanne’s glue and cut away the inside of the spiral for sewing ease. Starting from the inside, in each ring I sewed all the black background pieces first, then followed with the color triangles.

    The flowers and leaves were cut from printed fabrics and I broderie perse machine appliqued them in place.

    I found a wonderful background print with spirals and I machine quilted outside the spiral from the back side of the quilt.

  26. quilterk Says:

    Hi Linda,
    I just returned from a visit to Rhonda’s house. I got to peek at your quilt. Ladies, none of the pictures do these quilts justice. You have got to see them in person! Linda, I just love the color combinations you used in the spirals to pick up the colors of the flowers. Your quilting is fantastic. I just wanted to stop and smell the posies!

    Kathy E.

  27. quiltfee Says:

    Reminds me of a summer afternoon. So pretty!


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