Purple Swirl

RM: After a year and a half, Plum Crazy is finished! 

Lois Plum Crazy

Lois had a year that deserved the title as much as the quilt does (she started this with Spiromaniacs I) but it was worth the wait.  Lois, I hope life is a little easier for you during your next quilt!


2 Responses to “Lois Hicks”

  1. marian15 Says:

    I like it; it’s very different than anything I would have thought of.

  2. RaNae Says:

    From Lois 8-29-07: Ok, I have calmed down and had another look at the whole project. Actually, I have one piece that is giving me fits and that is easily fixed. I have all 4 blocks all sewn, 2 are sewn together and the other two look like they will go together once I fix one of the corner pieces…So, sorry for my melt down this afternoon, I just needed to step away from it for a bit. It will all come together once we get back and will be sent along to you in Wisconsin…

    This has been an interesting project and for me has definitely challenged my abilities…. Lois

    RM: Lois, that’s a lot further than it sounded like you were — you’re nearly finished! Wow, that’s great!

    I learned on another project that sometimes the best way to do the corners is to cut off the foundation, piece the corner as a separate unit, then reattach it. SOoooo much easier than trying to sew “Y” seams and whatnot. Hope that helps.

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