RM 8-25-07: Ladies, here’s a bit of a mystery update from Mary Ann, who is not so technical, but quite meticulous when it comes to quilting and writing.  She sent me a paper block, so when I have a moment to scan and post it, I’m sure that will help this all make sense.

MO:  This is one of two patches, each 6″ by 9″.  (The other patch is identical except it reverses the spiral direction.)  I’m sewing from the ‘wrong’ side, so the stars do lean in the traditional direction.

I carefully mapped out alternating patches and color placements ahead of time to be sure it was OK—it all worked well!

The spirals on the long, outside spokes are gradated pinks and teals.  The smaller, inner spiral spokes are dark to medium purples and reds, respectively.

All gradations are darker to lightest found in the middle of the spiral.

And here’s what really makes it pop:  All the wedges on the very outside of each patch have a hot, light contrast color!  This means there is great contrast to the star point sides with the black backround and a hot ‘X’ marks the center that has the deeper reds and purples.  I hope you’ll enjoy the final result!

MO 10-7-07:  Here are pics of “Ours will still be hot!” (with apologies to Cole Porter). I’ll send a description another time as my mind is fuzzy and teched out for sure today. Oh, the growing pains! ; )  Mary Ann

MaryAnn O 2

Maryann O detail

RM: Mary Ann, it’s nice to see this after so much mystery! Now your description makes sense…  The contrasting flashes of color in various places are quite unexpected and really make it pop!  Nice work!  I look forward to seeing it in Wisconsin!

One Response to “Mary Ann Olmstead”

  1. yogib2 Says:

    MaryAnn…you are soooo on the “spiral”. Thanks for your valuable feedback. I’ll take all your advice, at any time, to heart. Piecing is a ways off in my future so I won’t panic at the tiny centers for now 🙂

    Kathy E and I just had a conversation about “small” being a good thing earlier this morning.


    PS Since I’ve just finished painting our bedroom with plenty of painters tape left over, it’s good to know it will come in handy for this project.

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