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MW: I finally feel like I’m getting the hang of this EQ6 tool a bit after almost a week. Here is a block that I did – a four-sided baravelle and a quilt design with it colored and formatted in such a way that it creates almost an optical illusion – depending on how you look at it, the red or white figures are predominant — with depth, i.e., curvature in the outside edges. Do you think something like this would work to illustrate the spiral effect? Micki

Micki Red-White

RM: Micki, I’m glad to see you getting the hang of EQ. Your block and your quilt design are a good start.

The block that you have drawn is a very old, traditional Snail’s Trail block, and the quilt setting has also been around for a couple of centuries. For purposes of the book, something more up-to-date is needed.

Here’s a suggestion: Try the same idea with an 8-sided spiral, and try it a couple of ways: one with a block that sets the octagon point-to-point and one that set the octagon side-to-side. Also try some color gradations, and try playing with the corners of the blocks to create a secondary pattern. You’re on the right track, you just need to get a little further into new territory.

MW: RaNae, I had some time this evening and came up with two versions of the table runner with the white shards replaced with the interlocking spiral (two different looks). And I’ve made some new blocks with some additional variations and composed a design of 16 different blocks. I’m not sure yet what I’d do with the border but it would have to be something that complements the design without being so busy that it creates chaos. This is a busy, busy design. Will look forward to your feedback.Micki

Micki 2 table runners

RM: Micki, of the table runners, I like the one without the diamond around the double spiral better. The diamond introduces an anomalous design element that doesn’t harmonize with the rest of what you’ve done. (Unless perhaps you pick it up in the border somehow…)

Micki Bagatelle 1

As for the “bagatelle” quilt — you are right, it is busy busy busy — SO much going on! You have SO many good ideas — I see gradation from B&W to color to full specturm rainbow, mandalas, spirals — but to put them all in the same quilt at the same time is a veritable whirlwind!

My suggestions:

Pick one color theme and stick to it — B&W, or primaries, or rainbow, or something else.

Keep the background all one color, so the attention goes to the spirals.

Pick one structural theme and stick to it — mandalas or spirals.

These parameters would let you really show off the theme or technique without being distracted by too many variations in structure and color.

Did you see my email/post today? I guess you would want to have an “octagonal Baravelle Spiral” assignment? 🙂

MW: RaNae, here is one more design of the quilt with different corner blocks. I actually like the sharp edges on this one which seems to go well with the feel of the quilt. What do you think?

micki quilt with spiral corners

MW: I wanted to send along the latest versions of both proposed projects. The first is the table runner and essentially I’d like that to be octagonal rainbow spiral baravelles. I’ve modified it just a bit with all full octagons. The one on the far left is new, shading from paler fabrics to deep fabrics and the others are as you’ve seen before.

Micki Table Runner

The quilt has a new look. It’s composed of shards and spirals in primary colors – all within the octagonal baravelle block. It has a fairly modernistic look to it and I hope you like it. I have some very nice black fabrics and am getting some interesting ideas for how I might use different black fabrics in the sashing, border and in the blocks.

Micki DYnamite Border

RM: Micki – WOW!  I love the border.

Here are couple of things to think about:  The design on the left is as you sent it to me, the design on the right illustrates what I’m talking about below.

If you were to incorporate some black into the border that would unify it a bit more with the center.  Maybe in place of the blue swoops inside the red on the upper RH and lower LH corners. This would effectively give you an assymetrical center section that would create a really dynamic energy that continues the energy of the spirals.

Also, I liked the black sashing in the the previous design — something about the grey square lines here seems to fight the more dynamic energy of the spirals and the border, and the free-floating corner pieces again had that flying, wild energy of the spirals — but sort of like pieces that broke off to take a moment and catch their breath.

Regarding the sashing, I just thought of another idea: You don’t HAVE to put the colored square at the corners of the blocks, since the all-black background obscures the lines.  SO…. you could place these little flashes of color within the sashing strips themselves, and the effect would be as if they were being tossed between the spirals….

micki 3


Micki 2


5 Responses to “Micki Wiersma”

  1. Micki Says:

    Thanks for your feedback, RaNae. I’ll send you another file with the black inside the red to replace the swoops. It looks “cool” and I’ll be eager to see what others think about the design. Also feel free to post the previous design that you liked and it will be interesting to see which people gravitate toward for the quilt.

  2. Micki Says:

    RaNae, in the absence of any other comments on the two versions of the design, I’ll move forward with the quilt above on the right – incorporating black into the border and “stretching” the design. It will be called “Enjoy the Journey.” I’m also thinking about adding some embellishments – if I can find precisely the right ones (little primary-colored triangles) – after it’s quilted, as the shards that are flying loose from the various spirals.

    I’ll also do the table runner – not the design above – but the final version I sent you with five full spirals – border as indicated.

    Let me know if you are in agreement.

  3. yogib2 Says:

    Micki…did you design all of your spirals in EQ? They are stunning. I think the layout and border you’ve decided on play out beautifully. Quite ambitious!


  4. Micki Says:

    Yes, Rhonda, I did all of the spirals in EQ. I bought EQ6 about two weeks ago and found it pretty user-friendly. These are decidedly more ambitious than anything I’ve attempted so far in slightly over 2 years of quilting, so I’m hopeful I can rise to the challenge.

    Thanks so much for your very kind words on the designs.

  5. Sharon Kean Says:

    These look magnificent, I love bright colors. This is what I would really like to achieve. Well I’ve been inspired enough, I want to go do some sewing now.

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