RA 8-9-07: I’ve pieced the 24 spirals into a full round and just pinned them against some of the different fabrics last night that I used to “just see” and get the juices flowing as now it’s on to the “next step”, choosing a background and borders…open to suggestions of course. I think I like the idea of backgrounds with motion but the starkness of the dark brown shows off the mandala…I’m not panicking about the time constraint yet, so I’m amenable to trying something that will challenge me further. I do think that leaving the spirals in the mandala as the focus of the piece is important, however. Maybe it should be off-center…in a rectangle instead of a square as one would expect…hmmmm.

Rhonda 8-9-1a

Rhonda 8-9-2

Rhonda 8-9-3

Rhonda 8-9-4

Rhonda 8-9-5



5 Responses to “Rhonda Adams 3”

  1. scowlkat Says:

    Rhonda, this is gorgeous! For what it’s worth, I like the red/orange background best. It seems to give your mandala almost a floating appearance. The other background overwhelms the mandala – but that’s only my humble opinion.

  2. mcif Says:

    Rhonda, It is gorgeous! I like the dark brown or the dark red for the background. If you want to play around more your idea of a rectangel is good. You could put spiralsi n the corners. But you might want to consider a circular or a hexsgonal background. That way the mandala would definitely be center stage. Mary Farr (PoPo)

  3. xena1 Says:

    Hi Ronda
    First, I’d like to say that your work is amazing.
    Now my question: Will you fly to zurich this month? Beacause I’d like to give you my quilt to take it with you to america. If you won’t come this month, I’ve to send it by post.
    Pleasy answer me as soon as possible. Thanks
    Bye, Susanne

  4. xena1 Says:

    hi Ronda
    thank you for this messige. we can you meet on 28th august. Sandra and I are very happy whe you have time for us. Whitch time are you in Switzerland? When can we meet uns? In the same hotel?
    bye, Susanne

  5. yogib2 Says:

    Hi Susanne,

    Now I have something to look forward to! I’ll plan on seeing you on the 28th and yes, the same hotel. We’ll figure out what time to meet as the date draws nearer!

    See you then. Rhonda

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