Roxanne & Helen, now that I’ve heard two of your three ideas, I’m really curious to see which you choose to go ahead with.  If you use the garden idea, for some of the flowers try using a Pinwheel spiral that changes direction every 3 to 5 rings and see what you think.

Meanwhile, I’m really wondering just what a spiral painted pony might look like……

HK 9-15-07:  Attached is a picture of our pony

Helen King Pony


HK 9-21-07: The quilt is on its way. I thought I might tell you a few things about it .We used 105 different batiks and 3 regular cottons. I own the quilt shop; it has about 2800 bolts of fabric with 900 of them batiks. It was really fun trying to find the right one. I saw some I had forgotten we had. We finally agreed to name the quilt Spiro Pony from Texas. The middle of the spiro on the pony is a bluebonnet fabric. Painted ponies are a big thing in Amarillo, that was where Roxanne got the idea for our pony. Roxanne made the 2 spirals and I did the rest of the quilt. I’m the quilter here and I finally got to quilt as much on a quilt as I wanted.

I guess that’s all I can think of to tell you right now. Thank you for giving us this opportunity.  It was an experience. Helen King

RM: Well, that question is answered! Ladies, you were one of my “dark horses” and look what you did with your spiral — a dark horse! I love how you’ve incorporated a spiral into a pictorial quilt. Simple and striking! Good work!

8 Responses to “Roxanne Bowling & Helen King”

  1. downhome Says:

    Brainstorm- what about incorporating my pony and Helen’s garden? The flowers on the body and the sun in the pony’s upper neck.


    ps computer with Photoshop crashed harddrive and professor with software on vacation until next week. We are working on what we can without Photoshop.

  2. downhome Says:

    6 flowers in garden, 3, 5 and 7 sided pinwheel spirals and their mirror images

    I would send you a picture of the very rough drawing but our pony looks like an anteater

  3. RaNae Says:

    I laughed out loud just thinking about it! I’d LOVE to see the “anteater”! Your designs sound VERY intriguing — you may just have the most original spiral quilt of them all!

  4. RaNae Says:

    Still wondering about the anteater — I mean, pony …. 🙂

  5. marian15 Says:

    Didn’t see any of your pictures but I was driving yesterday and saw a pony with a lot of spots on it and started trying to think about how to convert it into a spiral. (I seem to have caught the bug!). Anyway. I guess the idea wasn’t as far fetched as I thought. Good luck.

  6. RaNae Says:

    From RB & HK: We finally have our painted pony and are working on the spirals. If you have any cool spirals left over to share send away.

    RM: I’m not sure what this means, but it does sound like progress . . .

    As Alice in Wonderland said: “Curiouser and curiouser . . . .”

  7. downhome Says:

    Ok RaNae our Painted Pony is finished but brain dead me forgot which spirals I used. I drew two different types so maybe you can help from the picture we are going to send.

  8. quiltfee Says:

    This is such a fun looking horse!


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