SP: I have been researching water twisters and have to find new fabric! I was going for blues but I need some greys and tans. I haven’t played with EQ yet, can’t seem to get my mind around it. I have downloaded some pictures of sand twisters and water twisters. Perpestive is what I am still working on! If I want to post you a picture idea how do I do it? Sheila

RM: Sheila, I think that for water twisters you may want more flexibility than EQ can give you, (but I may be wrong). I’m intrigued by your color selections — it will look VERY watery!

SP 7-16-07: I sent you 2 e-mails with 3 pictures. The twister, that is the one I would like to do, but the brain is dead I believe, I have it in my head but can’t get it down on paper to look like I want. I just wanted to do the twister on some water, making the twister fatter and having the top open more with the water swirling around at the same time! if that makes since, but I didn’t want to use greys (or just greys). I sort of would like to have them in a 3 d type! I don’t know sometimes my mind over whelms my ideas! What do you think?

Sheila Waterspout

RM: As for the water spout, frankly, I’m not sure how you would do it in my spirals, because though we know CONCEPTUALLY that it is a spiral, there is actually no spiral IMAGE in the photo.

SP: I figured the same about the water spout! No matter how I tried to draw it it would not come out looking right.

The second picture of the blue wave I thought was neat and could be do able — what do you think?

sheila piasecki wave

RM: Sheila, I think this photo does have spiral potential. The question that comes to mind is have you done any landscape quilts before? Because that technique would certainly lend itself to the rock and horizon, and would be interesting blended with the with the wave done in spiral technique.

One of the things that could give this spiral wave a real sense of the texture and spray of the water would be the fabrics you choose — textures that mimic the textures you see in the photo. You’ll need a wide variety of shades of blue, and you’ll want to place them carefully to mimic the light on the water — even using different shades in the same spoke.

Your best choice of spiral type would be pinwheel or nesting. Since this spiral won’t be connecting with another spiral, you don’t need the full-sided connecting properties of the pinwheel, so nesting is probably the best bet, since it’s easier to sew.

Here’s how I would go about drawing the pattern for this spiral:

First, I would trace the photo and separate out the various light, medium and dark sections of the water.

Then I would roughly draw in how the triangles would form the spokes in those areas, and roughly draw where the outside edge of the basic shape would fall. This will take some trial and error.

You may find that you want to do the wave as one or two spokes, rather than as a complete spiral. One way you can think about this is to imagine a larger spiral that extends past the edges of the photograph, then crop out the section of that larger spiral that corresponds to the spiral wave image in the photograph.

It will take some experimentation to figure out the basic shape, the outside edge, and the way the triangles will fall within them to form the spiral. Once you have a clear idea of the structure, THEN go in and actually draft the spiral template. (Don’t get hung up in doing this too soon, as you’ll only frustrate yourself by drawing a lot of time-consuming, detailed templates that end up in the trash! Drafting may still take a few attempts but that’s to be expected with something this out-of-the-ordinary.)

For the background and the rock, take a look at some books on landscape quilts. These sections could be pieced, appliqued, painted, whatever technique you prefer. If pieced, you might decide to piece the wave spiral in. If appliqued opr painted, you could applique the wave spiral into place.

Sheila wave 2

As for the photo above, it is lovely, but I wonder if it is so abstract that no one would know what it is?  I think one of the strong points of the blue wave is that the rocks and skyline tell the viewer that it is an ocean wave.  The idea of interpreting this beautiful wave in the ocean through spiral technique, rather than simply creating a beautiful abstract design, would, I think, be very appealing to viewers (and possibly even competition judges?).

I hope this helps you!

RM 8-20-07:  Spiros, check out what Sheila’s been up to . . .

I finally got a few pictures of my parachute jump on my birthday on my blog. I wrote a few words also. I am still working on getting the video of the jump on youtube! The video is totally awesome! Enjoy the pictures and I will let you know when I get the video up! The blog address is below.  Sheila


SP 9-28-07:  I have the quilted table runner ready to send! I am sending you a picture of the completed front. The runner measures finished 11 3/4″ x 33″.

Summer Breeze finished

Summer Breeze front & back




8 Responses to “Sheila Piasecki”

  1. sheilakp Says:

    RaNae, I do like the quilt above! I still want to do a twister on the ocean, I want to start the twister in the water going around and then do the funnel starting slowly in a funnel shape with a little movement, ending with a wide mouth, all being in spiral. Does this sound too much?

    I have the many different blue fabrics for the spiral in the water and I have been on the hunt for different shades of greys, tans, whites, faded yellows, maybe pink? I have all this in my head and I can see it plain as day…. I have made pencil drawlings of my ideas and it looks do able! I just need to get a pattern together, I am not sure which spirals need to use. For the water I was thinking of the baravelle spiral. I might be wanting too much but I would like for it to be a bit 3D
    What do you think? I will try checking back Tomorrow! Would appreciate any ideas on my ideas. Thanks for your help I know you have alot going on right now. If you think this is not a good idea just let me know. Sheila Piasecki

  2. sheilakp Says:

    I sent you 2 e-mails with 3 pictures. I am afaird my dear husband messed up scanning the programs in, he has the scanner on his printer and only HE knows how to use it sorry! I do need to get Photo Shop for both of us.
    When you get the pictures one is in jp, the twister, that is the one I would like to do, but the brain is dead I believe, I have it in my head but can’t get it down on paper to look like I want. The second picture of the blue wave I thought was neat and could be do able what do you think. If these aren’t want you need or want let me know, will take any suggestions or ideas. Thanks! Sheila

  3. sheilakp Says:

    I have done a little bit of landscape quilting and I have some fabric that looks like the rocks, I like the blue wave picture the best and think it make a good picture. How big do you think the quilt should be?

    I will work on the drawing as you stated and get back with you. I have been collecting blue and some teal batik fabrics. I am concerned about getting the effects of the water spray! I will work on the drawing first and get back with you. Thanks for the suggestions and help.

  4. RaNae Says:

    Shiela, the size is COMPLETELY up to you — do you want to wrap yourself in a wave? Or hang it on the wall? I think your sketching will give you a better idea.

  5. sheilakp Says:

    Got you, I am thinking more of a wall hanging right now. still working on drawing. Thanks for the lastest information that you wrote on the main page. Good ideas! Thanks.

  6. sheilakp Says:

    Just checking in with you, I am still working on the pattern for the wave, but yesterday I went into Raleigh, against everyone’s wishes, (Raleigh is almost a 2 hour drive) but I found several pieces of fabric to help with the look of the spray on the wave! Just working on getting a pattern to work the way I want. I will try to get pictures of the fabric for you this weekend. I am still working on a wall hanging! With the mountains on the side.

  7. RaNae Says:

    Thanks for the update, Sheila — looking forward to seeing what you come up with!

  8. quiltfee Says:

    Sheila, I am looking forward to seeing your quilt. Sounds so interesting, I wonder how you will do the spray!


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