Susan is the creator of Winged Water on the Inspiral Quilts page.   Dottie made We aren’t in Kansas Anymore!

SH: I was gone for three weeks to horse camp. I am putting the piping around the outside of the 16 sided figure. I took off the outside pieces because they stopped the flow of the piece. I was able to get the dark blue batik and I am going to applique the figure. The outside edge will have the 16
sides to it.

The comic quilt has been really fun. Dottie and I have another sewing day planned. We should be able to finish within 3-4 weeks.

DL & SH 8-24-07:  Here’s Zowie! Powie!  It’s pieced and stripped of paper and ready for quilting.

Zowie Powie

RM: Susan & Dottie, thank you for being my hands on this project — it looks great!

One Response to “Susan Harmon & Dottie Lankard”

  1. quiltfee Says:

    Nice quilt! REally Nice.


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