(Susanne and her friend Sandra Mettler live in Switzerland. Susanne doesn’t speak English, so Sandra is translating for her. Feel free to comment in English.)

SS 6/29/07: I wanted to create a “baravelle spiral quilt”. As you can see in the pictures, I decided three ribbons to go through the spiral. The draft is with two ribbons in green and one in blue. Yesterday I bought the fabrics. The color choice I made, is black-in-black for the background, the same fabric in a light grey for the two green ribbons and a clear, bright red for the blue one. What do you think about that?

Susanne 1

SM: As I already wrote, Susanne is very busy. I send you a picture of her WIP.

Susanne spiral 1

RM: It’s very interesting to see in this picture how the grey fabric creates a sense of exploding outward movement by placing the “stripes ACROSS the triangles. Good job, Susanne!

SS 8-24-07: Done!  Here is Spiral of Life

Susanne Spiral of Life

 Here’s a detail:

Susanne spiral of life 2

RM: Susanne, you did a great job, and it just goes to show that a design doesn’t have to be phenomenally complicated to be really stunning!  The choice of the dark grey background fabric is really terrific — by cutting across the linear design you created an “exploding” texture that emphasizes the outward-spinning energy of the spokes.  And the red spoke bursting outside the box and spinning in opposite direction to those two well-behaved grey spokes is just fantastic — what great energy!


9 Responses to “Susanne Schmid”

  1. RaNae Says:

    I like the assymetry and the energy of this. Do you plan to add a border or other elements around it?

  2. yogib2 Says:

    What a beautiful spiral!

  3. scowlkat Says:

    Boy do I love this design. Your color choices sound very interesting and it’s hard to go wrong with black, grey and red!

  4. yogib2 Says:

    Hi there…by any chance do you live near Zurich? Or Geneva? Any recommendations on shops to visit near to these areas? I’ll be in Zurich next week, and again at the end of the month. Perhaps if you’re close by we could meet for a cup of tea, or….


  5. yogib2 Says:


    Fielen danke fur den schonnen tag. Ich habe mich sehr gefreut euch kennen zu lernen, und ich hoffe das wir uns bald wieden schen.
    Fiele grusse und alles gute.


    Thanks for sharing your spiral…the suspense was worth the wait.

  6. yogib2 Says:

    Silly me, I posted this on my page and not yours Susanne…sorry for the duplicate comment RaNae.

    Hi Susanne,

    Now I have something to look forward to! I’ll plan on seeing you on the 28th and yes, the same hotel. We’ll figure out what time to meet as the date draws nearer!

    See you then. Rhonda

  7. RaNae Says:

    From Sandra & Susanne 8-31-07: RaNae, we had so much fun with our spirals. Working with Susanne is great, because she has a really good eye for color and always a lot of good ideas. And she is a very professional “paper piecer”. I have learned lots of tricks from her during the project. And she has learned from me that EQ5 is sometimes very useful….

    We are both a little bit sad, knowing the project has its end now. Sewing is done…. But, we have a lot of new ideas!

    Thank you so much for taking us in this adventure.

    Sandra + Susanne

  8. quilterk Says:

    I got a peak at your quilt in person while visiting Rhonda A. today. What a spectacular piece! It is exquisite! I love the grain in the gray fabric and the way you effectively used it. Great job!
    Kathy E.

  9. quiltfee Says:

    Susanne and Sandra, spectacular comes to mind when I see your quilt!
    Susanne, was fuer ein Quilt! Einfach toll


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