VH 8-30-07:  I’ve been working on the other quilt. Here are a couple of pictures that I took last night. I used an octagon, but I think it would be better with more sides, like 16.  That way I could make it smaller like 8 x 10 inches or so. The problem is that when I enlarge such a shape I add a bunch of inaccuracy. Also this drawing was my 4th try to get the center close to the right size (This one is about 3 x 6 inches). Each drawing takes over an hour to do. I would hope that it would be easier with a computer program instead of pencil and paper. What I think is novel about this is the corners to insert an interchangeable snapshot or a fabric postcard. I would change those things, but I think it is finishable.

Vicki Lana 2

Vicki Lana 1

RM: Vicki, a couple of weeks ago you said that you never imagined that you could design your own quilt, and now here you are, designing your second!  I’m so excited for you that you discovered this in yourself.  And the design is really clever, too! 

Aren’t fabric postcards and photographs the same standard size: 4″ x 6″? What do you think of the idea I proposed earlier, to make the center a clear plastic pocket? It has a couple of advantages: it can accomodate a wider variety of sizes, and the photos won’t fall out, so presumably someone could actually USE the quilt — think about a special “hug” quilt with pictures of someone you wish you were getting a hug from….

That said, I do like the way your tucking corners work into the design of the spiral — quite clever, I must say. Done that way, it would make a nice something that would hang on the wall — some kind of calendar holder, something along those lines?

VH: I guess I was thinking calender topper, a frame to ‘feature’ a picture on the refigerator, or a wall hanging. Yes, fabric postcards are 4″x 6″. Often they put embellishments on them. How would that extra bulk fit into the plastic??? How would the plastic feel on a quilt that you cuddle in???? How would it wash???? Let me mull this for a while.

I just finished the piecing on this quilt. It is 16″x18″ without borders. I’m undecided about how to quilt it. Do you want me to send a picture? Do you possibly want me to send it with the race quilt so that you can see it???

RM: Calendar topper is a great idea for the way you have constructed this quilt. Will you finish it in a way that allows you to connect a calendar somehow?

Perhaps the idea of clear plastic pockets should be saved for another project.

As far as quilting goes, perhaps the best thing is to look at some quilting books for ideas. I’d love to see a picture, and yes, I’d love to have you send it along. I think the fabric is perfect for the colors in the photograph that you chose, by the way.


One Response to “Vicki Herrman 2”

  1. RaNae Says:

    From Vicki 8-31-07: I had the 2 fabrics sitting out in my sewing room for some reason, and then saw the picture of my neice on the refrigerator. I’ll see what I can come up with for calendar topper construction. I’ll look for some ideas in some of my books and magazines. I think I’ll take a picture of it as it is now, and then let it ferment for a little while. I plan on shipping the quilt soon after we get home from vacation, so it depends on when I figure out how to quilt it if it is done or not. I may just send it unfinished if need be.
    This has been exciting! Vicki

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