Well, Kathy, your page refuses to save (again) so here is yet another new page…..

KO 10-4-07: Top is going to the quilter this afternoon, hopefully she can give me an idea today of when she’ll have it done…here are some before pics

Kathy done 1

Planning on having an irregular edge, it has been done in a basting thread for the quilter, but doubt that you can see that in the photos. The black hat will be attached afterwards, coming off the side on the right side…hoping she can do something in her quilting to simulate the head itself…and maybe to make some sort of rings around the moon…if I have time, will be adding a couple buttons to be buttons on his belly etc, will see when I get it back. Obviously I’m going to have to overnight this…just hope it will actually get there in time. While Peggy has it, I will be making the hat, sleeve, label, and cutting the facing strips…and trying to figure out a good way to embellish the man in the moon face so that you can actually see it! She said she won’t be able to quilt in any of the motifs due to the bulk.

The pieces ended up as follows:

moon 187, about 6.25″

top flake 133, about 6″

Kathy top flake

middle flake 265, about 7″

Kathy middle flake

bottom flake 259, about 7″

Kathy bottom flake


So, I need a name! Only thing I have come up with so far is “Where’s My Man?”, and not sure how much I like that…

It has been quite an adventure! Thanks RaNae!

RM 10-5-07:  Kathy called me yesterday from the quilter’s: Peggy thinks the layout is too large — it doesn’t bring you in close enough to really see all that wonderful intricate piecing.  She suggests bringing everything in closer.

KO 10-5-07:  Attached is pinup of snow closer in – white dots are the pinheads where top and side edge would be – new size about 29 x 42?

Kathy closer snow

Is the new size too close in, or do you think this works? Not nearly as much room for quilting, but Peggy doesn’t seem to care, she wants those flakes to show up!

When I was looking at the photo and brightening it up so you could actually see the hat…do you think I should reverse the order of the bottom two flakes so that the left spin one is in the middle (the booboo/shard one)? Or do you think it is okay as is because the middle one sort of spins both ways? Anything else that you think needs to be tweaked?

RM:  Kathy, here’s a PhotoShop I did quickly – I think the snowflakes were a little too close to Frosty — are they attacking him?  😉  Also, I switched the bottom and top snowflakes to put the smallest one at the top — gives it more of a sense of perspective.  

Kathy not so close snow

KO:  Thanks for the photoshop…do you think I should be using the whole fabric that is in the photoshop, or have it cropped in where my pins are, just above the moon and to the side of the flakes? Does it need a bit more width with it being shortened? Less skinny? The way I have the pins it would be pretty skinny. Remember the sides will be wavy…

RM: Kathy, I wasn’t paying attention to the pins when I did the PHotoSHop, so I was working with the full width of the background as you showed it.  I think the proportions are nice as now shown — you could still make the side a bit wavy without removing too much fabric.  There is space for Peggy to show off some windy-looking quilting.  Did you send the picture to Peggy?  What did she think?

KO:  Peggy’s not home – tried calling her, so I think what I’ll do is use the spacing you sent, but have a couple inches of blue above the moon (I want her to try to quilt circles around it) and will go about half way between the moon and the edge of the blue on the side for the new side of the quilt…clear as mud? Will see if I have time to send a new picture…and remember hat will be a bit smaller – it still has the seam allowance on it…

RM:  Just to be clear, my spacing is WITHOUT the pins it includes all the background shown.  That should give you plenty of space for quilting, and room to trim wavy edge on the left — I don’t see any wavy markings on the right, but I remember you saying something about the hat extending past the border on the right……  Trust yourself now.  You’ve got all the input you need and will make the right decision.

KO 10-7-07: So, quilt is at Peggy’s. Going to play with her bejeweler while she is working on it…thinking of adding small crystal to the end of the snowflakes, and I think she is going to do line drawn starbursts in the snowman…those would probably get little crystals as well.  Moon is going to have gold lined petite seed beads (size 15) outlining the face features, and will probably put a topaz crystal, either sewn or glued, in the center of each eye.  So far the thinking on the snowman is to do eyelash line/lid – one open one closed (wink) – with black petite seed beads, maybe with embroidery floss, have to see if the beads are too much, but they are tiny…and how my time is going! Black doll buttons probably for the mouth, and piece of soft orange gradated ribbon for a little nose. Nose might be on the ground if I decide to name it nipping at your nose and would have a bite out of it.

So far name ideas, none of which really pops out to me…

Where’s My Man?
Nipping At Your Nose
Winters Past
Swirling Memories
Snowy Memories

Any of them really jump out at you yet?

RM: Your ideas sound great. One warning about crystals — everyone I know who has used them usually finds that “one is never enough” — i.e., once you start you keep thinking that it needs “just a few more”….. 🙂

Kathy Do You See Done

KO 10-12-07: The crystal glue still feels a little tacky to me, but since I haven’t used it before, maybe that is how it is supposed to feel! It ended up being 114 crystals
6 – 3mm
27 – 2 mm
81 – 1.8 mm


2 Responses to “Kathy Oppelt 3”

  1. quilterk Says:

    Hey, the snowperson is really cute. How about “dancing in the moonlight” as a name. Of course, I like all of the others, too! Great job.

    Kathy E

  2. ksoppelt Says:

    ooooh Kathy – might have to think about changing it to that – right now it is Do You See…?
    Kathy O

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