RA 6/29/07: I found this picture of a really cool crop circle (see www.lucypringle.co.uk)  that I like and am thinking that it would be a great spiral quilt, but in looking at the other pictures of quilts that others are thinking of doing, I’m not I am on the same page as you are. I really want to do a more artsy quilt.

I look everyday at the blog to see what is going on.


RM: Robin, why don’t you send me a picture of the crop circle, or some sketches of what you might be thinking of so I can help you get started.

RA 7-17-07: 1. Photo of largest circle

Robin A 1

2. Largest circle pattern

Robin pattern

3. Center of smallest circle, with fussy cut center

Robin small spiral

Circle was made in paint [RM: Huh? What does this mean?]

RM:  Well, Robin, you and your design are as mysterious as that crop circle . . . I’m intrigued to see where you are going with this — so far so good!  🙂

RA 8-31-07:  Here is my spiral quilt. It is called… Crop Circle: How’d they do that? I’m in the process of quilting it now. Will resend a better picture when done. Robin

Robin Crop Circles

RM:  Robin, what a beautifully simple yet effective use of spirals!  You worked like those UFOs — quietly under the radar, then “Bam!” There’s the surprise.  It’s great!


15 Responses to “Robin Armstead”

  1. robbie106 Says:


    Please check out


    The picture of the crop circle I like is on it. I am not interested in making it exactly like it, I do think it is really cool.


  2. RaNae Says:

    Robin, this is FABULOUS! (And I’m really curious to know how it came about — are we talking “flying saucers” or “earthworks artists”?)

    There are so many possibilities — I think this design would be best done by constructing the individual elements as spirals and then piecing or appliqueing them into place to construct the whole design.

    I’ve been really amazed at all the different sources of inspiration that you all have found and I can’t wait to see how this will turn out!

  3. yogib2 Says:

    Wow! I can only imagine the possibilites with this design. Great photo!

  4. robbie106 Says:

    Well, it is supposed to be done by a real flying saucer. The reason I got to looking was that my youngest son goes to a junior college in Roswell,MN.

    I personally don’t know if crop circles are real, but if thet are, just think of the imagination of those aliens. LOL

    Getting started right away.

  5. RaNae Says:

    Extraterrestial sense of humor . . . . . .

    Is that Roswell, New Mexico (NM)?

  6. robbie106 Says:

    Yes, it is New Mexico. From what I understand Area 51 is near the school somewhere.

    I can just see the alien space craft take off, and them saying see if you all can figure out how we did that one. LOL

  7. RaNae Says:

    You know what they are, don’t you? Teenage extraterrestrials “borrow” dad’s car for a joy-ride and plaster the neighborhood with graffiti!

  8. robbie106 Says:

    That is too funny, but you are probably right. LOL

  9. robbie106 Says:


    My husband has now challenged me to make the spiral quilt with the fabrics I have on hand. I sure hope you are prepared for the consequences of his challenge. LOL

  10. RaNae Says:

    Was that a “creative” or an “executive/financial” “challenge” [read: order]? 🙂

  11. robbie106 Says:

    I think for him, it was financial, but I took it as a creative challenge. But, I am lucky, because if I really needed to buy fabric, he would say ok, go ahead and get what you need. For some reason, he thinks he runs things in the house. I’m not sure where he got that info, but I deal with it.LOL

  12. robbie106 Says:

    My top is finished now, but no way to take picture, as son has camera in New Mexico. I will be quilting it this week. What I need to know, is when exactly you need the items, this way I can figure out when I need to put it in the mail.

    Thank you!

  13. yogib2 Says:

    Can’t wait to see the fullview…the circles as they are, remind me of those lollipops at the county fair. Well done Robin.

  14. robbie106 Says:


    You are not going to believe this. I strained the muscle in my right fore arm, trying to get that daggone quilt through my sewing machine. I am forced to stop quilting on it for a week, and I was almost done, too. Don’t worry, I will get it finished in time.

    I sent the paperwork out to you yesterday.

  15. RaNae Says:

    Robin, I’m so sorry to hear about your quilting injury!

    I’m “gimpy” too at the moment — I was coming home from walking my dog last night when I fell in a deep hole hidden in the grass and came down hard on my left knee. I didn’t have my cell phone, but some people nearby called 911. The police came. An ambulance came. Then everyone left, and there I was sitting on a bench half a mile from home, with my dog, no cash for a taxi, no phone to call anyone. Neither the police nor the ambulance would give me and the dog a ride home, so I had to walk. . . . 😦

    I guess someone’s trying to tell us to just take it easy — things will get finished in time without having to rush and run. Feel better soon!

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